The Do’s and Dont’s You Need to Know About Post Breast Surgery


Much like the six-week recovery period for a nose job in London, you will have to through a similar recovery period when it comes to a breast augmentation procedure as well. So as you binge watch Netflix and spend some me-time indoors, once the period ends, you will finally be on your way to recovery. The question that does rise then, however, is if your active lifestyle can be resumed hence, or are there precautions that you need to take. So for all those queries we have a bunch of do’s and don’t for you, leaving you with the top recovery tips that you need to know, post your breast augmentation in London.

  • Can You Go On a Holiday Afterwards?

Don’t: If you are planning to go on a holiday right after your procedure then there are a few things that you might need to consider. We know what you’re thinking – Firstly you have new boobs and secondly that you also have a new bikini so let’s get into the pool. If you have already got a recovery period of 6-8 weeks behind you, then you might still want to go easy on the exercise and secondly you might still need your post-op compression bra. Apart from that, another important thing to consider is that you might not want to get your wounds wet, as you frolic around in the water. Hence, it is best if you ask your best eye surgeon in Hyderabad for advice before you decide to go on a vacation. Also, usually when its comes to taking a flight post breast augmentation in London it is best to wait at least 2 weeks, post-op if you’re planning to fly a short-haul and 6-weeks worth of waiting if you want to go for a long haul.

Do: In case you’re cleared to go on a vacation and you’re going to someplace sunny, then you need to make sure that your breasts are protected from the UV rays as much as possible. Of course, we do not mean that you need to miss out on all the sun but make sure that your breasts are nicely lathered up in good SPF as much as possible and pay special attention to your scars.

  • Can You Drink Alcohol After Surgery?

Don’t: Well we would suggest that you keep yourself on a mini booze ban, as tempting as it might be for at least 48 hours after having a breast augmentation in London. Post that, try to limit your intake of alcohol as much as you can, for the few recovery weeks post that. This is done to make sure that all the painkillers, antibiotics and anaesthetic that are left in your system, can perform their duties well enough and limit the bleeding post-op.

Don’t: You need to make sure that you always follow the advice of your surgeon when it comes to drinking alcohol post any cosmetic procedure, be it a nose job or a hair transplant in London. We know you might actually be looking forward to give your new breasts a night out in the town, having a good time, however, your body’s overall health and fitness is what you should be concerned with first and foremost.

  • When Can You Wear Normal Bras After Breast Augmentation in London?

Don’t: Never underestimate the power that a post-surgery-compression bra possesses. Of course, they might not be what par with a brand like Victoria’s Secrets – but when it comes to choosing the right bra post breast augmentation in London, a compression bra does a bang-up job of keeping our breasts in place for the recovery period. What is most important actually is the fact that they have clasps in the front, so that you can get in and spout of them with ease. And even though you might feel tempted to show off the new implants you need to try not to take off your bra too often as it will actually disturb your implants recovery beauty sleep.

Do: Now coming to the exciting part! Make sure you make a visit to your surgeon and get your breast measured. Once you have the right cup size, you can start shopping for all those cute and beautiful bras once again. You can even call it a welcome home gift for your new implants. However, do keep in mind that you need to wait at least 6 weeks after your breast augmentation in London before you can wear regular bras and even longer if you want to start wearing underwired ones again. This all hence depends on how long your scars take to heal.

  • Can You Work Out Normally Post a Breast Augmentation?

Don’t: Whatever your daily activity level may have been before your breast augmentation in London, it is really important that you listen to your body and slow down a bit after having any sort of surgery (same would apply to other cosmetic procedures such as a Nose Job in London). Even if you feel like you might be ready to take on activities like you used to before the surgery, your breasts may actually not be ready for the impact! Stretching, run-in or lifting too soon can put the results of your breast augmentation in jeopardy and it really is not worth it.

Do: Try doing gentle exercises and follow this plan

Immediately Post Surgery – Rest and relax as much as possible without any exercise

1 Week Post Surgery – do not try to rush back into an exercise routine, rather start slowly and steadily with as much light exercise or even small tasks around the house.

2 Weeks Post Surgery – Avoid exercise for the upper body for at least 6 weeks. You should focus on your lower body only and if you must, try low impact exercises like leg lifts or walk on a treadmill.

6 Weeks Post-Surgery – Once most of your swelling from breast augmentation in London has subsided, you can go ahead and introduce light upper body-exercise into your routine like doing reps with low weights. Do not try to push your body beyond its natural comfort level. It does take time for it to heal fully.