The Elements of Good Restaurant Interior Design

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Going into the food industry is not for the faint of heart. Since there is such a low barrier of entry, there are many who aspire to make it big in the industry. Most quickly learn that being successful isn’t as easy as it seems because of the sheer work that goes into planning your products and competing with rival businesses. Since food and drink are so accessible, there’s a lot you have to do to stand out in the market.

Planning to open a restaurant, bar, eatery or any type of food establishment? You’ll have your work cut out for you even if you specialise in a specific cuisine. But your job isn’t over yet after you finish crafting the perfect menu for your patrons and hashed out your marketing plans. The most important next step has to do with the appearance of your store.

Residential vs. commercial interior design

Unlike home interior design in Singapore, creating the layout and design of commercial establishments is much more tricky because there is more at stake. While designing your home interiors just involves considering the needs of the homeowners and their families, designing commercial interiors takes more into consideration, such as the needs of the employees, the preferences of the customer, marketing schemes, and other factors. A lot more work goes into the creation of commercial establishments.

And since designing restaurants falls into the category of commercial interior design and renovation in Singapore, these are just a few of the concerns that you have to deal with during the preparation process of your new establishment. Don’t worry, though, this hard work will not be without benefits. There are several studies that show that nice interiors are responsible for drawing in customers and increasing your profits.

If you’re not yet convinced of the importance of interior design in making your F&B establishment successful, here are just a few reasons why you should be focusing on it:

1) Your restaurant interior is part of your branding. Your company should have a unique branding that sets it apart from other restaurants, otherwise, you won’t be able to attract loyal customers. But does your interior really reflect this branding? Your restaurant interior is a huge part of your branding and people will associate it with your products as well.

2) Well put together interiors and places your patrons will enjoy dining in will result in repeat customers. This should go without saying. Your customers will not only judge you for the delicious food you make, but the kind of experiences they will have within your restaurant. If your restaurant is dingy, or if your customers find it even the slightest bit inconvenient to dine there, they will be much more likely to look elsewhere.

3) Good restaurant interior design is marketable interior design. The whole point of F&B interior design in Singapore (or everywhere else) is to make a space that is marketable to people, that makes them want to come in and dine there. And while there are many ways to create these spaces, marketable space is a powerful tool for any restaurant owner.

4) You can impact the way your diners act or react to their dining experience with good interior design. If you haven’t yet already, do a little research on customer psychology. Many successful restaurants employ tactics to make customers eat less, eat slower, stick around, and other ways to help them gain profits.

5) A picture-worthy or pretty restaurant interior is likely to draw in diners. When you’ve got so many choices, it’s hard to stick out. That’s why restaurants do their best to create eye-catching displays and exteriors. Commercial interior design in Singapore is all about drawing customers in. Once you get them to stay, then you focus on the food.

What are the elements you should be focusing on when creating your restaurant interior

There are many elements that make up a good commercial interior. Unlike residential spaces, where you mostly have to think about what type of furniture will look best, or if minimalist or Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is the better style. Here are just a few things that you need to consider when creating your restaurant.


1) The seating capacity. Think about it: how many people are you going to seat in your restaurant? You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable so you should limit your seating arrangement. And you should be careful about placing seats in sensitive areas such as next to bathrooms, near doors, or next to the waiting station or cashier.

2) Put some thought into the restrooms. Think it’s just a space where people go to relieve themselves? If your bathrooms are unsanitary, your customers will definitely be put off. Dirty or poorly maintained bathrooms can be a reflection of the restaurant’s hygiene  standards. You don’t want to put off your customers in this way.

3) Don’t forget about the lighting. Yes, this is one deceptively small detail that restaurant owners should definitely not overlook. Ambient lighting can set the overall mood of your restaurant. Soft lighting creates an atmosphere that makes people want to slow down and relax, while brighter lighting helps with encouraging people to eat faster. Think about your restaurant and whether it’s more suited to fine dining or to fast casual experiences. Your lighting will help establish this.

4) Pick good colours. Last but not least, you should be thinking about the colours you’re using for your restaurant. Ever wonder why many restaurants use yellow and red in marketing? These colours can stimulate people’s appetites.

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