The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Print Advertising in Singapore


The rise of digital media advertising has been prevalent for the past years. The unskippable 30-second ad video on YouTube and the random article about smartphones popping up while scrolling your Facebook feed are only a few proofs of this trend.

Yet, with the advent of digital media marketing, you still see and even pick up brochures displayed on the store counter or take leaflets that a man on the street handed to you. It only means that print ads are not dying.

In reality, brochure and magazine printing in Singapore as a way of advertising is thriving. We still see them around, from backdrops to wall banners down to door stickers,thelarge format printing in Singaporeis still an effective way to expose the audience to the brand, product, and service.

An Introduction To Print Advertising

Print advertising is a marketing strategy that involves placing product or service advertisements on physical or hard-copy printed media. It could be on newspapers, magazines, billboards, and banners. Companies even use paper bags as a print ad tool. Businesses hire a paper bag printing company in Singapore to produce bags with the company logo and contact details printed on them.

The Most Common Types Of Print Advertising

If you think that only digital media advertising evolves, you are quite wrong. Far from dead, print advertising continues to grow and innovate itself. Here are the most common types of print advertising.


Newspaper advertising refers to the marketing strategy that uses local and national broadsheet newspapers and tabloids.

Large and small businesses still use newspaper advertising as it reaches the communities.

How do newspaper advertising work? Usually, the cost of newspaper advertising depends on the scale of the ad itself. For example, an entire page allotted for a single is much more expensive than an inch size.


Magazine advertising is a marketing strategy that uses the magazine for product and service advertisements. There are various types of magazines, including fashion, pop-culture, sports, health and academic journals.

Similar to newspapers, the print ad value depends on the scale. One of the advantages of magazine ads is they are better at visual representation. Amagazine printing company in Singapore uses glossy paper and a full splash of vibrant colours. The audience is well-targeted as well.

For example, a sports brand would advertise in a sports magazine instead of a pop-culture magazine.


Magazine and newspaper advertising targets a larger and more general audience, while direct mail marketing has a more specific and narrower target.

Direct mail advertising uses different forms of print ads to send or mail to their audiences. It could be product coupons, catalogues, newsletters, and free product samples.

A local business may hire a certificate printing company in Singaporefor discount coupons that are mailed to the neighbourhood or town. Brochures and leaflets are inserted in the mailboxes of houses as well.



Brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, and newsletters are printed advertising tools that contain information about the brand, service, and products.

Businesses mail these materials to a specific audience for direct mail marketing.

On the other hand, companies can also distribute these materials by handing them out to people on the streets and malls. Sometimes, shops display their brochure and leaflet on the counter for people to get. They may also insert these pamphlets inside the customer’s purchases.

Magazine printing style of brochures in Singapore is much cheaper than newspaper-like leaflets.


Banner advertising refers to the marketing strategy that uses larger printed graphic materials displayed in different areas. Banner advertising aims to promote and expose the brand, product, and service to as many people as possible.

The most popular form of banner advertising is the billboard. Inside the malls, you can find pull up banners placed by the doors of the shop. Backdrops and exhibition panels are also examples of banner advertising. Banners require a large format printing service in Singapore.


Sticker advertising is almost as similar to banner advertising, except that it uses stickers instead of tarpaulin. The graphic file is printed on sticker paper. Usually, companies paste these sticker ads on the elevator doors, floors in public spaces, walls, buses, and even trains.

The advantage of sticker advertising is they are cheap. At the same time, it reaches a larger target, especially if pasted on vehicles.

Somepaper bag printing services in Singaporeprovide sticker printing as well.

Now that you know what print ad is and its most common type, it is time to discuss how to create an effective and appealing print ad in Singapore.


How To Create Effective and Appealing Print Ads

Powerful Headlines

Have you seen a banner with a glaring ” SALE! SALE! SALE!” text? It is called a headline. The headline captures the attention of the people. People tend to ignore and don’t proceed to read the content of the print ad if it has a weak headline.

Appealing Images

It is not enough to put the face of the celebrity endorser on the print ad. High-quality makes the print ad more appealing. Choosing a low definition photo for a magazine ad will not come out well. Perhaps, it would be a potato-quality photo once it leaves themagazine printing house in Singapore.

Avoid Busy Layout

Filling your ad with unnecessary elements, such as too many photos, texts, shapes, and borders that don’t even make sense, makes a confusing print ad.

Simplicity is the key. Your print ad is easier to understand if no unnecessary elements are going on behind.

Concise and Complete Message

A block of text for a print ad is horrendous. Make sure your message is concise yet delivers its intention. Remember, images can deliver a message as well.