The Flag of Australia 101


Australia’s iconic symbols are the emu, the kangaroo, the boomerang, and the Sydney Opera House. So, what about our national flag of Australia?Most countries use their national colours in their flag, but not Australia. Instead, they will use the national colours (the vibrant gold, and green)colour in the sport and elsewhere. Unlike the flags of other countries, the Australian flag is designed by the stirs pride, and symbolism in Australians, old, and young alike. However, to purchase Perth flags or flags, contact the leading dealer for the quality products.

Red, White and Blue Colour With 6 Stars

Even after their independence in 190, Australia remains a member of the Commonwealth. And, the British union flag design remains in the Australia national flag. As result, we got red, white and blue colour with six stars in the Australia flag. And later extra one starts, which make the count of starts as seven in Australia flag. The seven stars stand for the Southern Cross constellation that becomes a symbol of Australiathemselves. Those starsarealso called as commonwealth stars.

Australia 7 Colonies That Remains as Starts

  • Papua New Guinea
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales

Australia National colours That Are in Sport

Now, probably, your question may be “why are Australia’s colours in sport always gold and green?” Australia’s national sports team’s uniforms are gold and green since the late 1800s. This is because, the colour gold conjures images of the fleece of Australian wool, Australia’s grain harvests,mineral wealth, and the beaches. And the colour green holds a treasured place in the Australian imagination. Also, the national colours have a strong environmental connection and are long associated with Australian sporting achievements.

Sports Teams WithGold and Green

  1. The Australian Outback Gridiron Team
  2. The Wizards of Aus Australian men’s roller derby team
  3. Team Australia on UFC The Smashes The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes
  4. The Australia national baseball team
  5. The Mighty Roos
  6. TheHockeyroos
  7. The Kookaburras
  8. The Opals
  9. The Boomers
  10. TheMatildas
  11. the Socceroos
  12. The Diamonds
  13. The Wallaroos
  14. The Jillaroos
  15. The Kangaroos
  16. The Kangaroos
  17. The Australian Summer Olympics team
  18. The Australia cricket team

The Bottom Line

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