The Luxurious Accommodation at AYANA Lako di’a


AYANA Lako di’a offers impeccably opportunity to recognize the Komodo destiny. For starters one is assured of experiencing the multi-day live aboard adventures that are inclusive of world-class delicacies, air-conditioned suites and a personalized itinerary enveloped in AYANA’s hospitality.

Appointed with nine tasteful bedrooms to accommodate as much as 18 VIP guests, the getaway AYANA Lako di’a promises to decorate one’s holiday, as well as an ideal 5 star celebrity venue for weddings, honeymoons, personal celebrations, and company activities.

One may also choose the day tour packages for a shorter ride with AYANA’s aqua fleet to visit the charming island locations of Komodo, together with Komodo National Park, crimson sand beach, island hopping, traditional fishing village journey, or a sundown excursion to a floating island inhabited by way of hundreds of flying foxes.

The AYANA Lako di’a hotel is elegantly designed to offer the guest a memorable live aboard sailing experience. Introduced to the Indonesian archipelago during the 1600, the different design of the hotel is inspired by a mixture of Dutch and South Sulawesi aesthetics skillfully combined with the Japanese generation.

For guests that are looking for a nice place to spend their holiday, whether it is a vacation or a honeymoon for newlyweds then these three main accommodation facilities available at the resort are the most ideal place;


  • Luxury Suite


These luxury suites are furnished based on the valuable subject matter of barefoot luxurious; AYANA Lako di’a ensures that their luxurious suites provide valuable perks which includes an inviting glow of the natural sunlight and the multi-sensory experiences to be found at each touchstone. 

The suites are further furnished with artisan crafted fixtures and a generous modern bathroom, each cabin offers the guest a golden possibility to unwind in their own personal area.


  • Master Suite


The master suite is strategically positioned on the top deck to enable the guests have stunning views from their private balcony. 

AYANA Lako di’a’s five star master suites warmly invites everyone to experience the famous AYANA’s signature way of life while engaging in fun Indonesia liveaboard activities with their colleagues/friends or enjoying new beginnings with family and loved ones.

The suites are specially designed to correspond with the understated contemporary Asian aesthetics; guests are guaranteed to find the best furniture, subtle linens and luxe accessories to thrill them while having ample storage for their private belongings.


  • Deluxe suite


The Deluxe Suite is inspired by Indonesia’s rich background where each Suite is specially furnished with the guests premium comfort taken into consideration.

At the deluxe suite one enjoys a hint of whimsical lifestyle with domestically curated textiles and unique add-ons to create a memorable backdrop feeling for each occasion. The top quality bedding and linens ensure that guests enjoy a peaceful night time’s sleep, whilst a fantastic and modern bathroom presents them with refreshing moments of relaxation.

The Amenities to be found in all these suites include; king size beds, LED TV screens of 55’inch, a minibar in each suite, a private balcony, tea and coffee making facilities, multiple universal electrical outlets and hair dryer.

Final Remarks

When it comes to having a luxurious crewed sailing holidays there is no better time than the present to upgrade an upcoming wedding, social or corporate event with an exclusive sailing charter aboard the AYANA Lako di’a. 

AYANA also enables guests to enjoy a lavish charter aboard the elegant phinisi sailing yacht which is customized to suit the client’s events needs regardless of whether it is for a few hours, or a few days. Other hospitality establishments are even trying to copy AYANA’s award winning signature dining while at the sea.

At AYANA Lako di’a the guest are also offered a complete daily menu ranging from very healthy international breakfasts to the indulgent European afternoon tea, all this being designed to enhance the visitors’ stay at the resort.