The Reason behind the Need of Conversion Plug at the Time of Travel


Nowadays, it has been noticed that technology is becoming very much advanced, and it is helping the world to be modernized and well organized. But electrical standardization is one of the crucial aspects where not much development has been done, and the reason behind it is that the real nation standard is set by their own country. Moreover, things can turn out to be frustrating for the one who frequently travels to other countries. For instance, you will be shocked to know that the United States, along with western hemisphere, make use of the electrical system which operates at hundred & ten to Hundred & twenty volts. But almost all other countries make use of two Hundred & two to two Hundred & forty volts. If you go a bit deep into the electrical knowledge, you will come to know that the hundred- & ten-volts system make use of the 60 HZ cycle, on the other hand, the two hundred & twenty-volt system operates only at 50 HZ. Now, most of them might be wondering that the difference in the cycle is not at all a big deal, and yes, they are right. But at the same time, these cycles can make certain items like that of the electric clocks run slower or faster.

On the other hand, if you visit South Africa or Brazil, you will find that they make use of the alternating current to supply electricity. Whereas, the other countries make use of the direct current and the electric equipment which is not made to operate in that particular system can easily be destroyed by just plugging in. If you want to deal with this issue, the best thing that you can do is make use of the conversion plug (ปลั๊ก แปลง, which is the term in Thai).

Why is the conversion plug important?

Let us understand what the real need behind using the conversion plug is. If you are making use of the equipment that needs a specific voltage, then the only thing that can help you meet your purpose is either transformer or conversion plug (ปลั๊ก พ่วง, term in Thai). With the conversion plug, you can use an electronic switch to almost a hundred & ten volts by cutting the source current from two hundred & twenty volts. But the only thing that you need to make sure while using conversion plug is that it should not be plugged in for a longer duration continuously.