Things to Consider before Deciding between iPad Mini or iPad Air


Released at cheaper prices than iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad air are packed with almost similar design and specs. Get the latest Apple iPads with authorized warranty in Sri Lanka at makes people confused to decide which one’s the best. Let’s take a look at their specs comparison, to help you find it out.


The significant differences between those two devices are on their display. Although both come with LCD screens, they have different resolutions and pixel density. The iPad mini has 7.9-inch screen to produce 2,048 x 1,535 resolution with a density of 324 pixels-per-inch. Conversely, the iPad air appears bigger with 10.5 inch-screen that has 2,224 x 1,668 resolution with density of 265 pixels-per-inch. Since iPad mini has higher pixel density, it provided sharper visuals.

Body and design

As both devices have different display, their body sizes vary as well. However, in terms of body build, both are equal. They come with classic iPad design with its thick bezel and the presence of home button. Those two 6.1 mm-thick devices are designed with the combination of glass front and aluminum back although they aren’t equipped with IP rating to protect from water. Both are also available in three color options: silver, gold, and space grey.


Use similar Apple chipset, A12 Bionic processor, both are equal in terms of operation. Not to mention, they are supported with spacious storage options; 64 GB or 256 GB. Even Apple hasn’t informed the amount of RAM and battery capacities, it’s known that iPad mini and iPad air are able to last 10 hours for normal use in Wi-Fi model and 9 hours in cellular model. This quality of performance is enough even both don’t bring wireless charging feature.


In photography sector, tablet’s camera is not as impressive as smartphone’s but they can do the jobs well. The iPad mini and iPad air are armed with 8 megapixels with aperture f/2.4 for its rear camera and 7 megapixels front camera to meet the self-camera needs.


Since both tablets receive Apple’s newest and best mobile operating system, Apple has control over its hardware and software. This results in regular updates on the devices within several years. Besides, you may enjoy improved notifications and new apps through the updates.


The variation in size and display of the devices lead to different price. The iPad mini is available at $400, while iPad air which is bigger costs $500. You may charge with additional cost of $150 if you want to improve storage from the standard to 256 GB. Besides, additional charge of $130 might be paid to change Wi-Fi only option to cellular option.

Who’s the best?

Comes with great specs and features, both iPad mini and iPad air worth buying for a new tablet. However, which is the right for you? As they bring almost similar specs, the choice depends on your needs. If you need a handy device that is easily operated everywhere, iPad mini is suitable. However, if you require smart keyboard for work or highly use media, then you had better choose iPad air with its bigger display.