Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Do you have plans on getting some of the latest commercial kitchen equipment available in Singapore today? Well, that would be your best option if you have old and dilapidated cooking sets that you need to replace to keep your business running. But it may only be a challenge to make your initial purchase if you also are clueless about what to look for in the first place.

It might help if you ask your business partners – if you have some – and confirm if you need new commercial kitchen equipment anytime soon. You may never know; they might also have the same idea floating on their minds but only waiting for you to raise them during your meeting. Seek advice on the upgrades you should get to keep your joint venture up and running.

Never forget about the backbone and foundation of your company – your employees. It may be the best time to hear their opinions and listen about their grievances towards your inefficient kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore. Replace them with a reputable one if they only cause more problems rather than solutions for your business.

There are also customer testimonials that can provide you with essential information about several kitchen equipment available today. Look for their feedback that details their firsthand experiences on their recent purchase and gauge if they are also the right business items for you. Read through their virtual entries and choose those where you will benefit for sure.

Nonetheless, do your own research about the things you need to consider when buying your new kitchen equipment in Singapore. These may be a lot, but you can start with those you must avoid from your newfound provider. Here are some of them that you should always take note of before you proceed with your first transactions with them soon:

What Do You Need to Avoid?

As mentioned, you must know when your new provideris only giving you false hopes on your supposed to be new commercial kitchen equipment. You may argue about your familiarity with such trickeries, so you got nothing to worry about. But then again, you can never be too complacent as there are some ways that they can deceive you into buying their fake offers:

Product Imitations

It is quite normal to stumble upon replicas of some of the most popular kitchen equipment sold in Singapore nowadays. Well, you can’t blame these sham providers if these will generate more sales for them effortlessly. You may know how to spot them, but you should never let your guards down as these impostors are getting creative with their deceptions.

Look for ways on how you can differentiate counterfeit products from the original ones. You may depend on your old but sometimes successful trick of checking the labels and watch out for misspelt words or taglines on them. It will also help if you research them to have an idea about commercial kitchen equipment up for sale today.

Inconsistent Pricing

Another thing you must be cautious of is when they have fluctuating tags. These are unforeseen price adjustments that may happen even though there were no advisories that kitchen equipment supplies will be expensive anytime soon. Be wary of their costly offers compared to other providers selling the same items in the region.

It may sound traditional, but always make it a habit to have your daily dose of news updates to keep track of the latest price adjustments on some of your commercial kitchen must-haves. You may never know, ice maker machines in Singapore are now cheaper than your initial purchase when you started your business.

Misleading Promotions

Apart from their inconsistent price tags, watch out for false promotions that could only cost you more of your kitchen equipment purchase. These include pretentious discounts and sale offers that will require you to buy more items to be eligible for their promo. Some may even trick you with playful wordings, so always read between the lines.

Find some time to verify if these sale promotions are indeed legitimate in the first place. Keep in mind that any commercial equipment supplier should only offer you markdown items if they have the legal documents to do so. Look for those valid permits and see if you can trust them with your purchase!

Vague Terms

It is also advisable that your new kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore is customer friendly. Aside from their responsive representatives and active helpline, they must ensure that you can comprehend every detail about their offers easily. Watch out for those complex product specs sheets since they can only trick you into buying the wrong items for your business.

But if you have already failed into placing your orders with them, then you must not make the same mistake twice! Always review their terms and conditions before you even pay them any amount. Look for technical words on your purchase agreement that may confuse amateurs like you and ask the commercial equipment experts to translate them for you.

False Reviews

There are also some instances that you solely depend on online critique sites for your upcoming kitchen equipment purchase. They may help you make the right decisions, but not all the time. You may also fall victim to fake product reviews commissioned to publish misleading commentaries about their featured items.

Some may even stand in as mock customers who may sound like real ones with how they share their feedback online. Observe and analyze if you are only reading fabricated stories about how their latest combi oven purchase in Singapore helped their business grow efficiently. Never let these fake reviewers fool you into wasting your money in an instant.

Always consider these red flags when you buy new commercial kitchen equipment for your business. There might be more, but it would be great to start with the ones that are common in the market nowadays. Familiarize yourself with them, and you may be off to your first purchase anytime soon.

What Do You Need to Look for?

But aside from the must-avoid things, you should also keep a list of your must-haves before you even purchase your new set of kitchen equipment. Your current supplier may offer some of these that you might already be enjoying. But a refresher will not be that bad, so better still include these on your checklist as you begin to draft one today:

Essential Needs

First and foremost, learn how to define your needs and wants. Categorize your soon-to-be purchases and see they are indeed great buys. Choose whether your desired ice maker will keep your business running smoothly, or it will only be another item to show off to your customers. Reconsider your options if you’re after the latter one since it’s not a valid one, to begin with.

There are some instances that they’re not immediate requirements to your business, but they will still be beneficial to you in the long run. Never hesitate to get the latest ice maker from your supplier if it will provide you with more sales than “wows” from your new clients. Besides, that should always be your objective on why you need such upgrades.

Extra Shopping Guide! It may sound repetitive but always do your research when looking for your new commercial kitchen equipment set. Check if your go-to provider has an active website where you can learn more about their product offers. These must include a detailed description of the features and usage of your new purchase.

Fits Perfectly

It is also essential that you consider your available space in your workplace as you plan on buying your kitchen equipment. These may be simple measurements for some, but they too are crucial for your next business purchase. You may never want to spend more on expanding your current workstations to accommodate your new bulky cooking machines.

Always check your resources at hand before getting new ones. That should be your rule of thumb every time you buy any equipment for your commercial business in Singapore. Whether they’re from your kitchen or not, find some time to inspect your existing workplace items and not waste your still functional ones eventually.

Extra Shopping Guide! Review your product specs sheet again and see if your new ice maker or combi oven will fit into your workplace perfectly. You should also take into consideration their specific requirements to ensure that they’ll function efficiently. You may never want a defective product due to overheating issues because of your tight space allocation for them.

Cost-Efficient Purchase

Another unwritten rule for businesses is that you must keep your expenses low and profits highs to keep your business alive. It may be challenging if you’re planning to get the most sought-after commercial kitchen equipment in the market today. But it won’t be that difficult if you find the right suppliers where you can get these cost-efficient buys.

Look for an equipment supplier in the region that can still guarantee you effective products even at budget-friendly rates. You only need to ensure that they’re not counterfeit brands that may deceive you into getting cheap items but inefficient ones. You must already be familiar with this one since you have already read about it on the must-avoid red flags beforehand.

Extra Shopping Guide! Score more of your new kitchen equipment when you happen to find suppliers that offer discounts on their latest product releases. You only need to be both vigilant and diligent in finding these promotions that will excite you more! Again, beware of bogus discount offers to save your funds from going to waste.

Easy Maintenance

It will also keep you from overspending when you find commercial kitchen equipment sets in Singapore that are proven to be durable and long-lasting. But if you can’t assure that it won’t break down while you use it, then look for one you can maintain effortlessly without seeking help from the experts.

But how will you find one if you haven’t tried to use them in the first place? Well, you can again depend on your online review and customer feedback sites that can help you decide whether your new kitchen equipment is something amateurs can operate and manage. Besides, you may never want some additional repair expenses whenever you need one.

Extra Shopping Guide! Look for a kitchen equipment supplier that offers repair and maintenance services for your convenience. It would be great if they are for free or as part of their warranty coverages. Check if they also do calibrations and upgrades on-site for some added comfort.

Industry Relevant

Most importantly, only purchase those that are relevant to you and the industry your business belongs in. It doesn’t only provide you with your much-needed commercial kitchen equipment, but it also keeps you abreast of the latest available ones. Always aim to stay ahead of the market and leave your competitors surprised with your recent company upgrades.

Apart from your competitors, you can also excite your customers with your brand-new kitchen equipment. Make them frequent your establishment more often and avail of your products regularly. Entice new ones in trying your offers with your fresh set of cooking essentials to increase your profits in no time.

Extra Shopping Guide! Scout what your competitors are using, and you may either choose the same commercial kitchensets they’re using or not. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but always think that it’s one of your marketing strategies to be the only choice of the market. Moreover, do it fair and square for your competitors in the industry.

How to Make Your First Purchase?

Now that you know the different things you must consider before getting the latest commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore, you can now prepare for your initial purchase with your provider anytime soon. But are you again clueless on how to make the most of your first few orders? Well, here are some tips to help you get by your first-time shopping dilemma:

  • Consult your partners and employees on the items you need to buy. Seek their advice if your new ice maker or combi oven will do any good for your business. Better yet, listen to their recommendations on the specific things you must get for your cooking area today. 
  • Create a list and narrow down your options to the essential kitchen equipment that your business needs. Again, always consider your permanent needs over your temporary wants. Prioritize those that need new replacements to ensure that your company never ceases its operations due to your defective work machines. 
  • Set your budget and stick with it if possible. It would be more pleasing if you happen to spend less than your estimates and get to save more of your funds. Look for alternatives that are more affordable but yield similar results as your first commercial kitchen equipment choices. 
  • Always shop for your new kitchen equipment from a reputable supplier like Simplex Pte Ltd to make the most out of it! They only offer high-quality and cost-efficient items that won’t compromise your upcoming purchase with them. They even have on-sale finds that could score you more than what’s on your list.

Check their website now to learn more about the products and services they can offer your business. You may never know; Simplex can also be your new one-stop-shop for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs in Singapore today!