Things to Know Before Your Gallstones Removal Surgery


Do you also have plans on getting a gastroscopy examination in Singapore anytime soon? Well, it may be your best option if you have a lingering stomach issue that seems to be ceaseless. You may only need to confirm if it’s the correct medical procedure for you to take as you may be suffering from a more severe health concern right from the beginning.

Talk to people within your household and share your plans of admitting yourself to a gastroscopy procedure soon. Choose to speak with those familiar with it for your better understanding of the said medical examination. You may even be surprised that some of your relatives have also tried it before for the same stomach issues.

It will also help if you also discuss your health concern with your peers as they may know the specific disorder you’re suffering from. They may even endorse you to the right specialist for your much-needed examinations and treatments. You may never know; you’re already a candidate for gallstones removal surgery in Singapore.

However, you must not worry much since you can always do your research to confirm if you require an immediate gallstones removal surgery. Begin with the facts that will tell you more about these unwanted solid materials found inside your body. Never forget about the different symptoms you need to watch out for before scheduling an operation soon.

Better yet, continue reading this article to learn more about gallstones andtheirremoval surgery. You can start with the various causes of why they develop inside your body in the first place. These may include your daily habits contributing to the development of these unwelcome guests you still disregard up to now.


Origins of these Undesirable Stones

Everything starts with something. That’s the general idea to almost anything you perceive in the world today. These include those unwanted gallstones that never came out of nowhere and chose to thrive inside your body for no reason. Here are some of its known causes that you’re initially clueless of are the reasons behind your undesirable stones:


Diet Problems

Start with the most common cause of gallstones in your gallbladder – your diet. Most surgery procedures done in Singapore today attribute the buildup of these bladder stones to the high cholesterol levels found in your digestion liquid or bile. It usually results from your unhealthy food intake that may include fatty and sugary options.

Apart from your high-cholesterol diet, your low-fibre intake may also be associated with your gallstonesproduction. It is when you disregard fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain food selections on your daily eats. Better include these options now as you plan and prepare your meals if you want to be stone-free starting today.

Weight Issues

Overweight people are also at risk of getting gallstones removal surgerydue to their undesirable heaviness. Make it even riskier if you’re already classified obese since these organ stones may grow as quick as you. Either way, start losing some of your extra body fat now if you’re already feeling heavy.

Nonetheless, always take it slow when you decide to lose some fat, as your sudden weight loss may also lead to your unexpected gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore. Yes, you read that right. Experts have the option to remove your entire organ if you have collected more than enough stones due to these common weight issues. Best to consult them first before performing any workout activity or diet you desire.

Family History

It is also essential that you learn more about your family roots to determine your risks of having stones in your gallbladder. Never be surprised to be diagnosed with one when you have family members who also suffered from the same health concern. Besides, a quick check on your bloodline will also give you an idea of other conditions you should be cautious of.

Some experts may also attribute your chances of contracting it with your age, gender, and ethnicity. It may be applicable for some, but that’s not the case most of the time. That’s why your regular check-up and gastroscopy examinations in Singaporemight help to learn more about your possibilities of developing these organ stones. 

Health Concerns

There are also cases that the development of your gallstones is related to your pre-existing health conditions. These include diabetes and liver problems that are common among people with diet or weight management issues. You are also at risk of developing the said ailments if they run within your family and genes.

Although, some non-hereditary disorders may also contribute to your gallbladder stone buildup. These include blood-related conditions like leukaemia and anaemia that may cause problems in your digestive bile production directly. So, better schedule separate appointments with your specialist to also know your chances of developing these other alarming health concerns.

Medicine Intakes

Prescription drugs may also be factors to your increased gallstones production and eventual gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore. These include medications that lower and maintain your blood cholesterol at its desirable level. Some are estrogen-enriched ones like hormone replacement therapy options and oral contraceptives commonly taken by women.

Though, you may argue that there’s nothing to worry about these drugs usually prescribed by health professionals. But it is always crucial that you only take them as advised and recommended by your specialists. Avoid being dependent on them that may lead to unwanted drug abuse and undesirable gallstones development.


Signs You Need to See a Specialist

Schedule an appointment with your specialist soon if you fit the criteria of those at risk of having gallstones in their gallbladder. You may need to see them immediately if these come with alarming symptoms that you again might be unfamiliar with. Here are some of them that you should be wary of today:

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Abdominal Problems

Begin with your existing stomach issues that include any pain, discomfort, or ache you feel around your abdomen area. You may initially sense it in the middle portion of your tummy that may be common in most cases of gallbladder stones. But it might also spread to other areas such as below your breastbone that should raise some concerns.

See your specialist the soonest if the pain suddenly intensifies to other parts of your abdomen. It will help if you can create a record of when you started to feel the initial ache. You should also include its progress for their reference before they even proceed with your gallstones removal surgery in Singapore.

When to see them immediately? Always take note of any intense abdominal discomfort you can no longer tolerate since this a clear sign of your worsening gallstones complications. Be more cautious if it leads to concerning issues that may also affect your movements. Never disregard your immobility due to these simple stomach aches.

Sudden Stings

Apart from your usual stomach pain, you may also feel discomforts in other parts of your body when you have evident gallstones problems. These include your shoulder and back areas that usually begin with tingling sensations. Always observe these simple stings as they may also worsen due to your untreated condition.

It would be great if you also note these usual pains felt on your right shoulder part, in the middle of your shoulder blades, and at your back. They may hurt individually or altogether that you should also include on your records. Prevent them from aggravating that may lead to your immediate gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore.

When to see them immediately? Observe how often you feel these discomforts and see if they also affect your mobility. Visit your specialist in an instant if you can no longer perform your daily tasks efficiently. Again, never wait for the moment that you go motionless and permanently immobilized because of your gallstones.

Unexplained Vomiting

It is also necessary that you observe how your stomach reacts whenever you consume something. Be more worried if you still feel this unusual sensation of throwing up even if it’s empty. It may already be a clear sign of nausea that is also a symptom of your worsening gallbladder stones.

However, some may attribute your unexpected vomiting for several reasons. These include the food you eat, the beverages you drink, and even the medicines you take. But most cases may be due to underlying health problems such as your gallstones that need immediate surgery attention in Singapore now.

When to see them immediately? Schedule your medical appointment the soonest if your simple vomiting leads to severe headache, intense sweating, chest pains, and breathing problems. These are also moments that you lose your appetite or suffer indigestion due to your worsening gallbladder issue. 

Irregular Discharges

Another discharge you should observe when suffering from possible gallstones complications is your stool. It may sound weird at first, but seeing them firsthand will save you from other related health risks. Notice any odd features on its colour or shade as a pale-looking one may be a sign that you need to see your specialist soon.

Apart from your stool, it is also advisable that you observe any irregularities in your urine. Watch out for dark-coloured discharges that may come in shades of maroon, brown, and cloudy yellow. Moreover, these are clear signals that your gallbladder is already suffering from unwanted organ stones.

When to see them immediately? Be wary if these problematic discharges persist and even lead to severe complications like diarrhoea. You may also experience vomiting episodes that might be alarming on the get-go. Consult your specialist if you suffer from any of these issues since you may already need immediate gallstones removal surgery in Singapore.

Severe Complications

More than anything else, you should beware of severe complications that may result from your worsening condition. These include infections, inflammations, and diseases that you never thought of will manifest from your simple gallbladder stones. You may only need additional tests and examinations to spot these disorders.

There are also instances that your unusual high body temperature already tells the implications of your gallstones. Be mindful if your fever comes with some shivering and chills possibly related to your worsening disorder. You may also experience other symptoms mentioned above with your simple feverish feeling.

When to see them immediately? Some cases may also lead to the yellowing of your eyes and skin called Jaundice. You may attribute this symptom to several health conditions affecting your liver, pancreas, and red blood cells. It is also a clear sign that you suffer from your gallbladder gallstones complications.


How to Prepare for the Surgical Procedure?

It will be now easy to determine if you’ll need an immediate gallbladder removal surgery in Singapore instead of your simple gastroscopy examination. Prepare for it accordingly to make the most of it. Here are some tips you can use to be ready for your upcoming surgical procedure:

  • Most surgeries to remove gallstones only last for several hours or days. You may be out of their care as soon as you recuperate after the operation. But it would be great that you’re ready for an overnight admission if they require you to stay for a while until you complete your recovery.
  • It is also advisable that you tag along with a companion whenever you visit your specialist for your scheduled gallbladder removal surgery. You may either bring a family member or a friend who can be with you from the initial consultation until they finish the procedure. Besides, it may be difficult for you to drive with your fresh wounds.
  • Always follow any instruction coming from your specialist before your scheduled gallstones removal procedure. These include their advice that you must not consume any food or drink hours before your operation. Some may even require you to have an empty stomach at least the night prior.
  • They may also request you to cease your medicinal intake that may produce negating effects on your upcoming gallbladder removal surgery. You better disclose with them all medicines and supplements you take during your initial consultation. Save yourself from any risks that may lead to other concerning issues.

Nonetheless, seek professional help from reputable clinics like Dr QM Leong to ensure your efficient and safe treatments! They also cater to other colorectal issues through their array of surgical procedures and examinations. Visit their website now to book an appointment with them for your much-needed gallstones removal surgery in Singapore.