Things You Should Know Before Getting a German Shepherd Dog


It may sound cliché, but dogs really are man’s best friend. Whether you live alone or with an entire family, a dog can enhance your life. If you’re just beginning your dog search, it is probably overwhelming to decide which breed of dog you want. There are big breeds and small breeds, energetic breeds and calm breeds.

An American favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd. They have the classic two-toned look and long, lanky bodies. They are known to be fiercely loyal, and they even make great police dogs. People have so many great things to say about German Shepherds, but there are a still a few things about the breed that you may not know. Below are three things you should know before adopting a German Shepherd.


If you get a German Shepherd as a puppy, you might not know that they get very big! German Shepherds almost look like wolves when they are fully grown. Since they are so big, they have a lot of strength, and this is something important to remember when taking them for walks. If you have a smaller child, it is not recommended that you allow him or her to walk a German Shepherd because they can pull a lot when they walk. Even if you are walking a German Shepherd, it’s possible that the dog will still pull. If you don’t want to risk the dog slipping out of a standard collar, look into German Shepherd Dog Collars that will address the specific needs of such a big and strong breed. Also, make sure to get a strong and sturdy leash that will let you control where and how quickly both of you walk.


German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent animals. They are used as police dogs for this reason. They have incredibly refined senses. They can smell, see, and hear better than humans. They are even smart enough to be taught to focus on only a specific scent, and they are often used to follow the trail of a person using their scent.

For simple family purposes, German Shepherds are easy to house train. They are incredibly loyal and have a genuine desire to please their owners. They can quickly learn basic demands such as how to sit, stay, give a high five, and speak on demand. However, they have the mental capacity to learn tricks that other dogs cannot such as how to ‘play dead’ or rollover. They are commonly used in dog shows because they easily learn how to complete obstacle courses.


German Shepherds have different dispositions depending on where they are and who they are with. They are protectors by nature, so they are very aloof in public. They don’t tend to engage too much with others outside of their family when they are outside of the home. When they are at home and staring out the window, they are alert and ready to spot any potential intruder. They will sit like statues for hours on end protecting your house. However, when they are not on guard, they are highly affectionate and cuddly animals that love getting pet and given attention.

German Shepherds are a great breed; they are big, loyal, lovable, and intelligent dogs.