Three Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Photographer


So you have your dress, flowers, cake, band, and catering arranged. But, what about your wedding photos? The photos taken at your wedding must be beautiful and timeless accounts of the most significant day of your life. Also, they must help you and your spouse re-live the romance and excitement all over again. Picking a wedding photographer can be daunting but you can successfully choose the right one by considering the following:

Image Quality and Style

You must pay attention to the quality of the portfolio of a photographer. A great photographer can provide you with a variety of styles that capture the personalities of the bride and groom as well as showcases the event’s fun and happiness. When you talk to a photographer, tell them about the style you like and ensure their portfolio has this.

Keep in mind that photographers have various editing techniques. When images are heavily edited, this could be the common theme in a photographer’s portfolio and is often an attempt to cover up poor quality images. The style of CM Images says something about you both as a couple.


To get the best images and a true account of your big day, you must feel comfortable and relaxed in the presence of your photographer. It often takes just a few minutes of meeting someone to know whether or not you feel a rapport or connection. When you instantly strike a bond, you and your photographer may click. Don’t forget to consider your guests. Make sure you choose a wedding photographer who is approachable, humble, and friendly so your guests will feel at ease. As a result, your photographer will be able to blend in and capture the day naturally. 

Value for Money

While value for money is not the only basis for your decision, it is an important consideration. High-end prices don’t always guarantee the highest quality but likewise, cheap price does not always mean low quality. A wedding photographer must be open about their pricing structures. Also, you need to be clear on your budget. To avoid wasting time, have a clear dialogue right from the start to negotiate the price. 

Great photographers provide a variety of packages to suit all needs and must be flexible with pricing and the inclusions within every package. Because you have your own expectations and requirements, ensure the photographer can provide you with a package that suits your needs.