Thriving Businesses During The Pandemic


With the pandemic now affecting the majority of our lives for a whole year, many of us will be looking forward to seeing the end of the pandemic as we roll out the vaccine at the moment. Many of us are praying to be back to normality in the second half of 2021 as many of our businesses and income have been dramatically affected due to the pandemic, however, there have been some businesses and industries that have actually benefitted from the pandemic and below we investigate as to why this is.

Of course, one of the big winners of the pandemic has been the cleaning and hygiene industry as they have never experience demand like they have during the past 12 months. Products like PPE (personal protection equipment e.g. masks) and hand sanitizer have become big business during this period and we believe that even post pandemic that this demand won’t slow down for years to come due to Covid-19 changing our everyday lives forever. In terms of cleaning services, many public buildings including offices, restaurants and libraries have had to ensure that they are all sanitized throughout when opening and cleaning companies have therefore been on hand to help.

Online entertainment has also been one of the big winners of the pandemic as many of us have had to resort to these types of entertainment during periods of lockdown as our main and only form of entertainment. These new online casinos have been able to benefit as many have been using their extra disposable income on these types of sites with the demand for online gambling through the roof. Moreover, online streaming services such as Netflix have also reported an increase in numbers during the pandemic as an alternative to watch films in the cinema. Not only that but gaming has also increased in numbers during this period with many big game developers bring out some of their biggest games in years during the height of the pandemic.

And finally, fitness equipment companies have also seen a huge rise in sales during this period and as many of us have been using our spare times to stay active and have therefore invested in equipment to aid ourselves on our fitness journeys. With gyms being closed all across the world to combat the spread of the virus, many of us have been purchasing items such as weights, resistance bands and even sportswear for us to be able to compete in our fitness activity. Although we expect these sales to go down pre-pandemic, it’s certainly been a good run for these businesses.