Tips for Choosing Wallpaper for Your Home

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Choosing Wallpapers for Your Home

You can brighten any space by using wallpapers on the wall. It can also add a classy touch to any home decor. Others choose to upgrade one wall with fun stickers as a kind of decoration.

Premium quality wallpaper has gradually been replacing traditional wall paint. Nonetheless, it can feel daunting to choose the best wallpaper for your home. Various colours, styles, patterns, and textures can you can choose from. You can tell your interiordesigner to incorporate wallpaper in your home design.

You will see different kinds of wallpaper from every supplier found in Singapore. It would be even more difficult to decide because of the vast number of choices.

Where You Should Use a Wallpaper

You can use interior wallpaper in all kinds of ways in your home. Apply to every wall in every room or on an accent wall for one of your rooms. You can also use it to highlight any wall space visually broken up by furniture, windows, or doors. Here is how you can best use wallpapers.

Accent Walls

Bring depth and style to a room by using wallpaper. Its ability to transform a room into a design is one of the greatest things about wallpaper. The most economical solution to breathe life into a room is by choosing a wall as an accent to contrast the overall look of your walls.

Chair Rails

Bring warmth and depth to a dining room by putting wallpaper above or below a chair rail. It can also break up the appearance of a long hallway. You can mix and match patterns above or below the chair rail. On the other hand, you can also experiment by painting one part of the wall and using wallpaper on the other side.


Another decorative way to highlight a decor is through the use of wallpaper above wainscoting. Choose a pattern that goes well with the style and colours of the room you will use it in.

Here are a few tips you can refer to when you are planning to decorate your rooms.

Wallpaper Styles

The style of the wallpaper you choose should match the rest of your decor. It should look and flow naturally with the rest of your space. Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Formal –Hand-painted prints or damask are some of the various elegant wallpaper designs that formal interiors benefit from.
  • Glam – The choices include embossed, flocked, crystal or glitter embedded, or dramatic reflective designs.
  • Casual – You can enhance your decor through different patterns like plants, floral or textured prints.
  • Rustic – To fit your theme, you can opt for textured wallpapers like grasscloth for depth, plaid for warmth or wildlife patterns.
  • Victorian – You can get a baroque floral damask that best resembles wallpaper from this period.
  • Modern – Geometric or abstract patterns are the best match for this kind of decor.

Wallpaper Colours

Select the colour that would best match your window treatments, flooring and furniture for your interior wallpaper. Here are a few ways you can go about selecting the correct colour wallpaper to use:

  • Pick a saturation of bold paint colour. Select wallpaper with a pattern that is a few values lighter than the base colour.
  • Use a colour from the same palette as the rest of your decor. You can repeat one or more of the colours with your choice of wallpaper.
  • Create drama and contrast by using an accent colour as the base colour of your wallpaper.
  • For a smoother transition, you can repeat the colour of your wall paint using wallpaper.


Patterned or Plain Wallpapers

You should not be limited to only using plain wallpaper. The key is to select the right colours and pattern size if you have used different patterns in your decor.

  • You can do a tone-on-tone pattern or a textured wallpaper if you have patterned draperies and upholstery.
  • Choose a smaller or larger pattern than the drapery fabric or upholstery pattern.
  • Opting for plain wallpaper can offer a nice visual break from a heavily patterned decor.

Large and Small Patterned Wallpapers

Selecting patterns in the same scale as your room is a myth. You don’t necessarily pick smaller patterns for a small room and bigger prints for a larger room. Make a dramatic design choice by choosing to use wallpaper with a larger pattern. You may decide to use smaller patterned wallpaper for a large room broken up by windows, doors and furniture. It will create teasing breaks and hints of colours and patterns, which can make a great visual.

Texture Wallpapers for Design Depth

Opting for textured wallpapers can add a layer of texture and depth to a room. You can choose to use it on an accent wall, above wainscoting or chair rail. It would be a great way to bring life to drab places like a home office, study room or library. Textured wallpapers can also be great for cosy living room and den designs.

Metallic Wallpapers

Great candidates for the use of shiny metallic wallpapers are rooms with poor natural lighting. It can reflect light deeper into the room to make it appear brighter. Some examples are a small windowless half bath, a vintage kitchen or a dining room. Of course, you should make sure that you are using waterproof wallpaper for your bathroom to ensure that it would last longer.

Rooms Appear Larger or Smaller

Pattern sizes can influence your perception of a room. Using wallpaper with large prints and a darker background can visually decrease the size of a room. It draws the walls in closer for a cosier feel due to the pattern and colour contrast creating an optical illusion. On the other hand, a small patterned wallpaper can make a room appear even larger depending on the colour and pattern you picked. Wall sticker design is one way for you to update the look of your bedroom without changing it too much.

Walls Appear Taller and Longer

Using horizontal stripes can make a wall appear longer. In contrast, vertical stripes can give the illusion of height. The appearance of the stripes does not matter. You can use narrow or wide stripes on your pattern. It can also be irregular in size and different colours.

Final Thoughts

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