Tips on Learning a New Language Faster              


  Taking a language class is not enough to become fluent at it. You need to keep on studying and practice it to get better at it. This requires patience, effort, and persistence at the same time. But there are some handful of tricks that can help you achieve the language fluency in a faster way. 

Along with language training, these tips will enable you to learn and speak the new language faster: 

Grab the vocabulary first 

The truth about vocabulary is you easily forget new words. So don’t just rely on your memory alone. Write down the new words and come up with ways to use them in your language.  List down the new words and categorize them by linking them to their meanings. This will give your brain a reason to process each word. Use can also color code new words. This will help you relate to new words quickly. 

Stay away from the native buddies

If you really want to learn, don’t pair yourself with someone from your country. As you work with someone who speaks the same mother tongue as you, both of you won’t be able to challenge each other. You will simply be reverted to your own language. On the other hand, if you pair yourself with someone from a different country or region, this will force you to learn and understand the new language faster. 

Talk in the new language 

You must interact with others in the new language you have learned. It is one of the secrets of learning a new language faster. If you have questions, speak up. Ask your teacher; they are there to help you with your queries and concerns. Try to ask them a question in your native language. Break the hesitation if you really want to learn the new language and start using it in your daily life. 

Be consistent 

You need to work hard and consistently to achieve your goal of learning a new language. There are a number of students who are too eager to learn but they drop out of class the moment things start to get difficult. In order to successfully learn the language, you will have to motivate yourself. For that, these tips can help:

  • Ask yourself, why you decided to learn a new language in the first place. Remind yourself how happy you will be once you have archived this goal successfully. 
  • Read news and articles in the language you have chosen to learn. Keep yourself posted with all the current affairs. Watch movies in that language. This will help you remain consistent big time.
  • Measure your progress. Look at how far you have come. This will give you the motivation to keep moving forward. 

Come out of your comfort zone 

You can’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone. Follow these steps if you need help. You will encounter embarrassing situations time and again but you must be willing to accept it. You will only learn if you are willing to make mistakes. It is a part of the journey of learning a new language.