Tips to Get your Senior Dog Started on a Raw Diet


If you are wondering whether starting your senior dog on a raw diet is a great idea, then you should rest easy. Regardless of the dog’s age and health status, a raw diet is ideal for all dogs. The benefits of starting your aged dog on such a raw diet are immense and can even re-energize your dog. However, you shouldn’t be too excited to make the switch. Shifting your aged dog to a raw diet will certainly differ from how you approach a younger-aged dog. There are a few factors you must bear in mind when making this shift.

First, since dogs are descendants of gray wolves, observing the diet of wolves informs the perfect diet of dogs, which should be raw in most cases. Scientific findings reveal that a raw diet is the best choice for dogs and cats. Focus on the following aspects when transitioning your senior dog to a raw diet.

Gut Preparation

The last thing you need is to shock the dog’s gut. They have been feeding on kibble all their life, so they need time to adjust. Next, the dog’s digestive system has to be eased into the raw diet. Pet owners can help by choosing the right type and high-quality raw food diets, such as those from Houston Raw Pet Foods. A great raw blend with raw goat milk and probiotic sources is an important first step.

Gradual Addition of Raw Food to their Dry Food

One other way to help your senior dog transition comfortably is not to change the diet drastically. Instead, consider adding raw food to the diet they are already used to. It is possible that your pet will enjoy the raw food more than the dry kibble, and you may be tempted to make a total switch.

However, this is not recommended since it shocks the digestive system and leads to stomach discomfort and avoidable complications. Instead, commit to the transition process and adjust the potion gradually over three weeks, up to when the dog’s diet changes completely.

Useful Tips to Include

Another trick that works when introducing raw food to senior dogs is ensuring they have a small bite throughout the day. This helps prepare the dog and could lead to them becoming accustomed to the new diet faster than you can imagine.

It would be best if you also considered making other switches, such as shifting from plastic to stainless steel feeders, to help support their transition. This way, the dog is less likely to struggle with diet aversion.

You could also consider changing the feeder to suit the senior’s needs. For example, an elevated feeder is great for dogs suffering from arthritis.

Note that a dog will naturally crave a natural diet. Senior dogs benefit from a diet high in proteins compared to a low-protein diet. The proteins help build lean muscles and also support an enhanced immune system.

The transition process comes with several expectations. Besides seeing an improved fur and shinier coat, your dog will exhibit the following traits:

  1. Few bowel movements and reduced waste amounts
  2. Reduce water consumption since the dog is naturally hydrated
  3. Increased energy levels

Choosing to switch your senior dog to a raw diet is a good idea. It improves its health and general well-being. Order raw pet food from Houston Raw Pet Food.