To 4 Factors That You Should Consider When Choosing Between An Inflatable And A Hard Paddle Board


There are two main types of paddle boards in the market: hardboards and inflatables. Hard boards are mainly referred to as fiberglass, epoxy or traditional paddle boards.  However, many people have a hard time choosing between the two. This is because everyone has their own opinion of these boards and you may have been told that one type is better than the other. When it comes to paddle boarding, what matters is finding the right board for you. Here are few guidelines to help you choose between hard boards and inflatables.

The Main Use of the Board

When choosing between an Inflatable stand up paddle board and a hard paddle board, your major concern should be how you plan on using the board. Go for a hard board if you plan on using it for surfing or racing. This is because inflatable boards are good for white water paddling and are more maneuverable and durable in river rapids. Hard boards are faster than inflatable boards are perfect when you want maximum speed from your board.


Hard paddle boards tend to outperform inflatables when it comes to SUP racing, surfing, and extremely long distance paddling. For advanced or professional paddlers, performance is the biggest concern and a hard board paddle board is a perfect choice. However, this does not mean that inflatable boards are not good because they can still perform as well as the hard boards. For those who are beginners, an Inflatable sup is ideal as your first paddling board.


One of the major benefits of inflatable paddle boards is their portability. Most inflatable sups will comfortably fit in the regular vehicle truck and can also be checked when you are flying. Furthermore, inflatable boards are also lighter when compared to hard boards. Therefore, is storage space and portability is major issue for you, then you should go for an inflatable board.


Inflatable boards tend to be more durable when compared to hard boards. Hard boards tend to pick up more scratches, dings, and dents than inflatable boards. This is because most inflatable boards are manufactured from premium quality PVC material that is resistant to tears and very strong. If you are paddling mainly in white water or rivers go for an Inflatable stand up paddle board. This is because hard boards will be easily damaged when they hit rocks.

Inflatable paddle boards are usually more cost-effective that hard boards. Therefore, if you are on a budget, getting an inflatable sup will help you save. If you are going for a hard board, be sure to remember additional costs like roof racks, storage costs, and travel costs if you will be flying with the board.