Top 3 Delicious Foods in Solo Indonesia


Called the town of batik (batik: conventional Javanese art prints) in which the dwelling ancient Javanese kingdom termed Mangkunegaran is situated, Solo Indonesia is the middle of Javanese cuisine. There is a minimum of three types of meals that were categorized since the delicacies of Solo. After going to the town’s major attractions like Mangkunegaran Palace or even the Kauman batik village, there’s always time to get a culinary search!

Timlo: Chicken soup for the soul

Timlo is chicken soup; however that differs from any poultry soup you will see in your nation. The soup is made from chicken broth and fundamental ingredients such as garlic. Does it seem ordinary for you? The soup is, however, that which includes all the soup is exceptional. To begin with, there is the egg. Next, fried wonton (some dumplings that the natives call ‘ gorengan,’ significance fried meals ); some individuals stuff meat (poultry ) inside, but most of the time carrot is packed to the wonton. Next, it is the chicken innards (have you ever attempted innards? ) ) Which flavor buds and have great nutrients. It is totally fine to consume innards once every so often.

Last but not least, the soup is garnished with fried shallot. This organic flavor enhancer makes the chicken broth savory. Again, it is ideal to consume timlo if it is sexy and whereas the fried wontons and shallots continue to be crispy. To acquire a great Timlo, visit Solo Timlo restaurant. Other sorts of Javanese meals can also be marketed here, but its specialization is Timlo. This restaurant has existed for decades, so this is certainly the place to choose Timlo.

Nasi liwet: Delicious rice with side dishes of your choice

The rice tastes distinct from rice. It’s more tasty and aromatic, as almond milk and distinctive ingredients such as pandan leaves and lemongrass are contained when cooking rice. Proceed into Adem Ayem restaurant to get great nasi liwet (it offers other great Javanese foods also!). This warung is not lacking people, particularly on weekends. This particular restaurant is also well-known among many people from outside of the city, which provides you a sign it sells among their very delicious nasi liwet in the town.

Nasi Langgi: Solo version of nasi lemak

The most important distinction is that rice cooked with coconut milk and other spices (the same as drinking the rice for nasi liwet) makes the rice brewed. What includes all the rice can be somewhat different. Individuals also like to bring the carrot potato, called ‘perkedel.’ Many side dishes arrive for this dish! You might choose to purchase another part of the yummy rice!

Vacation in Surakarta or Solo Indonesia is more than just enjoying the places. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Surakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.