Top 4 Factors That Can Affect Child Custody During a Divorce


Custody rights during a divorce depend largely on what type of custody both parents want. This process is of course confusing and sometimes exhausting. So, it is better to seek the legal assistance of a divorce lawyer from Turco Legal, P.C., if you want child custody as per your desire. 

Your child custody rights are affected by a number of different factors. While all are important, there are four that could have the most significant effect on your case. Today we’re going to take a look at those four factors and why they’re so crucial in determining whether or not you’ll have primary custody of the kids.

Here are 4 important factors that can affect child custody during a divorce: 

  1. Age of the child

The age of your child is a very crucial factor in determining custody rights. In fact, the younger the children, the more child custody is likely to be decided by the parents. However, if the child is mature enough to express their opinion and make decisions, then the court might consider their likes and dislikes in deciding on custody. 

  1. Living situation of the parent

The living situations of both parents are considered while determining child custody. In fact, the court always looks out for the best interest of the child while determining custody rights. The financial situation of both parents is also considered while determining child custody to ensure the well-being of the children.

  1. Relationship between child and parent

The relationship between your child and you and the other parent will affect child custody during a divorce. However, if the child has expressed their desire to live with you, then it is considered an influential factor for child custody. The best interest of the child will always be taken into account when deciding on this factor. 

  1. Mental and physical health of the parent

The mental and physical health of both parents plays an important role in determining child custody during a divorce. Both these factors will be considered because a parent with poor health could have difficulties in taking care of a child. These factors are considered to determine whether or not the parent is able to take care of the child effectively. In fact, the court often takes into account factors such as how well the parent can take care of their child, the dependency of the child on the parent, and how well they understand what is right for the child.