Top 4 Tips For Picking The Perfect Chandelier

Home Improvement


Chandeliers are a great addition to a room. The effect that they have on the overall appearance cannot be matched by any other items in the home. Chandeliers represent class and elegance and thus picking the perfect chandelier goes a long way in making a lasting impression. Whether this impression is made on guests or you, the owner, the result is the same: the room changes for good.  Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect chandelier.

  1. Choose the room

Before you even decide on the design or size of the chandelier that you want to buy, it is essential to know where exactly that chandelier will go. The room to be chosen will depend largely on one’s preference. For most people, the most common place where to hang a chandelier is the living room where every person coming into the house gets to see it. The dining room is also a favorite location for many, but this may not work well for some people. That’s why it is important to fit it where your taste feels it suits the most.

  1. Pick the best size

The general rule of thumb when it comes to chandeliers is ‘the bigger, the better’. However much we may want to have a Victorian-sized chandelier in a particular room, this may not be possible due to a lack of space. If you live in urban areas, you know how a prized thing space is. For this reason, the right diameter of the chandelier needs to be decided upon to make it a right fit for the room to be fitted in. It is essential to get the measurement of the room first and then get one an expert to help you determine the right diameter that would suit that room.

  1. Consider the style of each room

The interior design of your home will play a huge role in determining what type of chandelier you should add to each room. As has been discussed above, chandeliers give a powerful impression and if yours does not match the style of your home, it is more likely that the impression will last as well. You need to feel alive when you step into a room; the interior design of the room coupled up with a beautiful chandelier goes a long way in contributing to this effect.

  1. Look for a custom chandelier

For most people, the assumption is that a chandelier is just bought and fixed as it is. This may be true for some, but there is also an opportunity for you to customize your chandelier. It is a good idea to consider this and take full advantage of it if available. When it comes to custom lighting, we can’t stop but to recommend Showsun Lighting. You can order a custom chandelier from them and bring back home the chandelier lights that perfectly fit each room.

Choosing the perfect fit chandelier should not be an uphill task. By following the tips listed here above, coupled up with expertise of Showsun in this field, they can definitively help you to pick the best chandelier for you.