Top Reasons Behind Electrical Fires


Electrical fires are dangerous and could even lead to burning down your whole home. It can happen due to the smallest of mistakes. The wrong insulation and wiring, inserting wrong appliances in wrong plugs, faulty light bulbs are some of the main reasons why electrical fires happen. It is important to take preventive measures to avoid such dangers.

Electrical fires mostly happen during the winter months when the use of heating appliances and units increases. However, there is no specific season or time, and you should be prepared at all times. Here are some top reasons behind electrical fires, as well as how you can avoid them successfully.

Using Faulty Appliances Or Inserting Them In Faulty Outlets

If you use old appliances, it is time to replace them as electrical fires are mostly caused due to outdated appliances and faulty outlets. Other reasons could be dysfunctional switches, Texas electricity outlet cords. Never go for appliances whose cords are frayed or torn, and do not place them near surfaces like the curtain or clothes, rugs which can easily catch fire.

Never try hiding cords and wires under combustible surfaces like rugs thinking it might beautify the surrounding without any hanging wires. This is one of the reasons why your house might catch fire due to a short circuit. The extra prong is given so that the extra electricity could be drawn from outlets which can handle it.

If You Live In An Old Home

Older homes, with time, start showing wear and tear. The wires used were not inserted keeping in mind how modern appliances will be used. The circuits are not big enough that they can handle or draw the amount of current needed to run such devices. Other reasons that old homes can easily catch electrical fire is because, with the walls, the wires start deteriorating too.

Look for any instances when there is circuit overload. A simple way to observe- the lights start dimming if you switch on one heavy appliance or multiple of them at once. Seek help from an electrician who can help you change the boards and the outlet usage and increase it so that it can be used appropriately.

Extension Cords Can Be Dangerous And Even Cause Shocks

Extension cords can never be a permanent solution and are meant for temporary use. Using one single socket and charging all your electronics, gadgets, and appliances can be dangerous and cause a short circuit resulting in an electrical fire. Refrain from using extension cords when not necessary and use normal outlets fitted in your home.

Replace extension cords with a permanent solution by adding outlets using expert help. It is advised that you never walk over carpets under which there could be wires. Change the extension cords when they get worn out; otherwise, cables can be dangerous, especially with kids at home. Do not use several extension cords from one outlet; use different ones or get new ones installed.

Therefore, these are the top reasons which cause electrical fires. Stay safe during the winters and maintain distance from space heaters and other outlets. Keep any source of liquid away from your electrical gadgets. Keep fire extinguishers at hand to keep the electrical fire at bay in case of an emergency until help arrives.