Types of Paper Shredding Services


Paper shredding is a way of safely and securely disposing of outdated documents and files. You can either shred them yourself by using an office shredder or hire a commercial shredding service for a hassle-free paper shredding process. A professional shredding company makes the process hassle-free. With a proper document shredding service, the privacy and security of all your keep your client and employee information are maintained. We have listed below the main types of shredding services to choose from:

  • One-time shredding

One time shredding or annual shredding service is one of the common types of services available. Companies who choose to conduct this type of shredding dispose of their outdated, confidential files once a year. All their financial and other official records are cleaned out annually, at a fixed price. This type of service is ideal when you have lots of documents to shred but only once.

  • Regular shredding

As the name goes, companies providing this type of service would shred your documents at regular intervals. This is a recurring shredding service that takes place when your office’s security container is full. Once it’s full, you call for the shredding company to dispose of the collected documents. If you are looking forward to getting rid of the outdated files regularly, this is your ideal solution.

  • On-site shredding

In this type of service, the paper shredding co would bring a large truck on site. They would shred the documents as per guidelines in front of your eyes and dump the waste into the truck. Most businesses opt for this type of service because the entire process takes place in front of them. However, the onsite shredding process is a one time, annual shredding process. If you have decided to hire an on-site shredding service provider, make sure your office has enough space to let the truck come inside.

  • Drop-off shredding

This is a type of off-site shredding. With off-site shredding, the service provider would carry all the documents to be shredded and carry out the process in a different location. If you choose a drop off shredding service, the company would allow you to drop the shredded papers at a place convenient for you. This would considerably reduce your transportation and collect costs because you would be doing this at your own expense.

Once the shredding process is over, the professional shredding company would provide you with a certificate of destruction. It proves that you shredded your files in association with them. If you are looking for the best shredding companies, you can look out for residential shredding near me