Understanding REACH


Your product marketing depends on a lot of compliance factors. One of them is REACH. This is a must if you plan to sell electronic parts or a few other products in the European Nation. There are many underlying benefits you might enjoy if you comply with REACH guidelines. But before that let us understand what REACH is.

What is REACH?

REACH is the abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals initiative that had been introduced in June 2007. It is the European Union’s regulations to uphold and protect human health and the environment from exposure to unwanted and dangerous chemicals. The application of REACH is far and wide and applies to almost every industry and chemical substances that are used in the industrial processes of product manufacture. The impact of REACH is even to those companies that think they do not involve chemicals. You are under the radar of REACH if your factory uses any specific chemical in quantity over a tonne in a year.

How to Comply with REACH?

REACH has its own set of guidelines that collects and reviews information that is produced on the properties and level of hazards that certain chemicals can pose. To understand the compliance procedures, you must identify the risks that are associated with your chemical usage and ways to minimize the risk. You need to demonstrate your chemical usage to ECHA to make them understand that your products are not harmful to the end customers. Authorities can ban the products if they find them unsatisfying in any way. For the longer run, it is wise for you to substitute the harmful chemicals in your products with safer ones.

Is REACH Mandatory?

Any country exporting its goods to the EU need to have registration and authorization to meet the REACH guidelines. Failing to meet the REACH compliance might ban your products from entering the EU permanently. Penalties for not meeting the guidelines vary country-wise. The manufacturers must have thorough knowledge about these guidelines and should take proper steps well before.

REACH Exemptions

If you are outside the EU, you are not bound to meet the REACH compliances. If you are using safe chemicals, you do not need to worry about not meeting the guidelines and specific countries have a specific approach to meeting the guidelines when exporting to the EU.

Enviropass REACH compliance helps you out with all the REACH guideline procedures and how you must approach them to seamlessly meet them.