Warehouses make a haven for the storage of goods and products after manufacture or supply. Consequently, a warehouse requires a quality storage system to ensure the items and personnel are safe. Most companies prefer pallet racking to maximize and utilize the available space.

Pallet rackings come in different varieties to suit your storage system Malaysia. To guide you in the selection of the right pallet racking system for your warehouse, here are some of the common types.

Cantilever racking system

Cantilever racking system consists of a metal framework with protruding long arms specifically customized for storing large and bulky items such as pipes or timber woods or steel rods. It is also useful in storing vertically long items.

It is different from other racking systems as it has no front phase which increases the availability of space and simplifies inventory.

Selective racking system

Selective racking system allows the accessibility of items from the structure’s aisle without having to disturb the other pallets’ alignment. Selective racking system is the most popular pallet racking system across different warehouses and industries. Installers such as Eonmetall Group can agree that it is also the most straightforward racking system to install. 

It is particularly useful in the storage of a wide range of items that need accessibility at frequent intervals.

Pushback pallet racking system

This type of racking system is usually constructed against walls or as a double-sided storage structure. In this system, pallets can be mount on panels. It utilizes the gravitational force to store pallets carrying heavyweight items. Each time you add a pallet on the system, the front pallet is pushed ahead because of its weight, thus forming a series of loaded pallets.

This storage system is useful for storing heavyweight items that are not accessed often.

Drive-in racking

This storage system utilized floor space in the warehouse and uses the method of last in/ first out. It requires fewer aisles for the same storage. It allows forklifts to run through the aisle and stock more pallets.

Because of the space saved, drive-in racking is a cost-effective storage solution.

Pallet flow racking

Employing the rotational system of first in/ first out, pallet flow racking system, create a natural flow of goods coming in and out. High-density items are stored on the more top end and retrieved at the lower end.

This system offers the ideal solution when there are many pallets of items to be stored and used in turns. As the rotation goes on, the works become automatic or straightforward due to the natural flow of the racks.

Carton flow racking

This system works just like the pallet flow racking by allowing a first in, first out movement. It uses a rear design which enables smooth operation and inventory management.


The type of racking system you select depends on the items you want to store and how you want them to rotate. It can be last in/ last out or vice versa. A proper racking system reduces manual labour and improves productivity.