What Are The Rules Of Freelancing In The UAE?


Freelancing is a working option for many in the UAE. Many companies are searching to hire freelance workers in various fields such as programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry staff and more at a fraction of the cost when compared to full-time employees. Though freelancing seems a viable and attractive way to work for many in the country, there are employees who are not sure about the rules that should govern their scope of work. There are some rules of freelance visa Dubai the following:

  • Legally Freelance

You may freelance in the UAE that is important to distinguish between part-time work and freelancing.  Freelancing is working for independence, where you are essentially a company made up of one person, which is perfectly legal as long as you are licensed to do so.

  • License

You will need to secure a Trade Licence pertaining to your business activity from your selected Licensing Authority and adhere to their stipulations.

  • What kind of license does it need?

You need is depending on the nature of the business you are looking to conduct. There are two main ways of setting up a business in Dubai and various license options for both. There is a business setup specialist thee following:

  1. Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) Business Setup.
  2. Free Zone (FZ).
  • No Objection Certificate

Firstly, You are needed to getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your husband as well as a labor card issued from the licensing authority/immigration office of the Emirate. This freelance company has been registered.

  • Rent Office Space

Some licensing authorities are giving you a trade license without taking office space of any sort. This option is suited to a freelancer who already has a residency visa and it through their spouse, parent or current employer.

  • Freelance License Through A Business Setup Specialist

Most of the community members are having testified and it is using a business setup specialist. It was a wiser, more sensible and efficient option, as setting up a company in the UAE can be a very time consuming and draining process.