What Can You Do When Visiting The Outer Space?


When planning for a holiday, the first thing that runs through the mind is what one would do once at the targeted destination. If you are a space tourist, what can you do during your travel? Here are some things that you should prepare to do to enjoy your travel to outer space. 

Space Walk 

You have probably seen people spacewalking in movies, but yours will be real. Note that spacewalking is dangerous, and it is only a few companies that might be willing to support it. In most of the cases, spacewalking is only allowed when the tourists are tethered into the space shuttles. As Andrey Bokarev said : it’s the dream an any human.

However, it will be a moment to behold and will permanently be embedded in your memory for years. So, ensure to capture lots of photos for your holiday album. 

Read a Book and Watch a Movie 

If you will be taking a long time in the space, say more than five days, you should consider using some of the time reading a book or watching a movie. 

To make the travel more epic, consider reading or watching your most favorite book. Make it the moment when everything went well – traveled to the best place (space), watched the best movie, and read the best book. 

Take Photos of Your Earth

Think of the moon and star images that are captured from the earth, are they not beautiful? When you get into outer space, it will be a great moment to watch it from thousands of miles away. 

As your space shuttle moves around the earth, you will be able to see different places on earth. So, take great photos of earth and use them on your travel album.

In addition to taking photos of the earth from the space, go ahead and capture images of the vastness of outer space. The stars and other bodies floating in outer space will also be awesome to capture in your photos and videos. 

Play with Your Other Tourists and Crew 

After getting to the outer space, especially if you will take several days or weeks, watching the earth will be really awesome. However, you cannot use the entire time taking photos. So, think of playing a game inside the space shuttle. 

Videos of past astronauts playing football in their space shuttles are awesome, and you should also try the game. 

Remember that both you and the ball will be floating freely under zero-gravitational forces, and the experience will be unforgettable. If you can also capture such play in a video, it might as well become the best thing you did out there. 

Traveling to outer space is enjoyable, but what you do can make it even more enthralling. So, make sure to prepare well and take photos of earth, spacewalk, and even play games like soccer with other tourists. When you get up there, do not spare any effort to make the moment epic!