What Can You Expect from Accomodation Apartments in Singapore?

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According to a report, Singapore is considered to be the best place to work among the Asia-Pacific countries. Its high working quality conditions are the results of conducive labour regulations. Thus, it would not be a surprise to people that this is the country that millennials will choose if they ever want to work overseas. The low levels of pollution, high safety levels, active and lively entertainment scene, and overall high quality of life you will find in Singapore’s accommodative business environment. However, the experience can still vary from person to person. In a workplace, one employee might have the emotional health to handle the day-to-day stress of work, but one does not have a high tolerance for stress. There are plenty of factors that can come into play when the stress levels of one employee become a hindrance to quality performance. It may be the culture shock, long hours of working, or the heavy workload. While some may think that the compensation for overcoming this stress is worth it, some may not. Some employees need some kind of breather or vacation that can help them get back on track and restore the passion that they have for their work. One of those solutions to overcome the workplace stress could be a staycation at a budget short-term accommodation in Singapore! You might be thinking that these offers of a short stay in an apartment are not for staycation purposes, well, you should think again! Today, Singaporeans can enjoy staying at an apartment with a hotel-like experience for a cheap price. 

In this article, you will learn about the perks of booking accommodation apartments in Singapore and what can you expect to experience in those apartments!

What is an accommodation apartment?

If you have not travelled a lot for business or leisure, then this might be the first time that you hear about accommodation apartments. To give you a brief introduction about these, they are an apartment that is fully furnished where you can stay for a time. Whether you want a short stay or a long one, you can easily find these apartments in Singapore. 

Usually, an accommodation apartment is compared to a hotel. While they are similar in terms of facilities, you can enjoy more space, convenience, and privacy like home in an accommodation apartment. Some travellers prefer to stay at a long-term accommodation apartment in Singapore since it is close to living like a local at a much lower cost! If you are already a resident, the question of why you should choose accommodation apartments for your staycation might be bugging your mind. Here are some reasons to convince you:

Save more money

When talking about vacations, people usually think of riding a plane to fly somewhere nice. It is an optimistic way of thinking, but it will only last a minute because they will start thinking of the expenses. If you are one of those people, you might want to shift your thinking into a local vacation instead. Staycations are considerably cheaper when you book short-term accommodation rather than a hotel. You can save more money to allocate your budget to experience museums, churches, and restaurants where a foreign traveller spends their money! 

More square metres

The small space that you have at home can seem claustrophobic, and what you need is more space to breathe in. You can expect this from an accommodation apartment rather than a hotel. If you want to treat yourself, you can also get a penthouse rental in Singapore to get a bigger space to roam around, relax, and have fun with your family and pets. It will have a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a watching area. These house essentials will help you have more control over your items since you no room service will invade your space during your stay.


Home is never far away

Commitments at home such as children and elderly parents can contribute to losing the spark in your marriage. A couple needs their alone time to restore the passion they have for each other. Booking a short staycation can be a solution to that! What makes it more appealing is that you would not be far from home in case an urgent matter that needs to be attended. With an accommodation apartment stay in Singapore, you can conveniently take a cab or train back to your home immediately.

These are the main perks that you will get if you decide to book short-term accommodation in Singapore for your staycation. If you choose a reputable provider of these apartments, then you can expect more perks that can give you what you have paid for!

Why choose Great World Serviced Apartments?

The greatest type of vacation that one can experience is when a place you are staying at already feels like home. Well, you should not look much further if you want to experience it. The short-term accommodation you will get from Great World Serviced Apartments will give you that! They offer a move-in solution where you can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience so that you can feel right at home plus additional amenities and perks, such as:

  • A nearby shopping centre
  • Indoor and outdoor playground for kids
  • Swimming pool and lounge
  • Gymnasium
  • Courts for sports (Basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.)
  • Complimentary shuttle bus to offices

The people at Great World Serviced Apartments also offer privileges for residents, wherein you can get discounts off from sportswear shops, salons, restaurants, and many more! They also ensure safety with their gated buildings that are guarded by security personnel and equipment such as CCTV cameras.

A staycation with them will surely help you restore your motivation to work for a better future. Expect all of these perks and amenities to welcome you at their doors once you book a budget short-term accommodation in Singapore with them!

Book now on their website at https://stay.greatworld.com.sg/