What Do You Need to Know About When You Buy a Piano?


Would it not be nice to listen to your favourite song as you play it through your fingertips and not on Spotify? It sure does, and for sure, you know well how wonderful a piano sounds is. So, buy a piano for your home in Singapore now! That way, you would be able to enjoy a serene melody at the comfort of your home. 

So, what do you think? Is it not time for you to get a piano of your own? If you think so, too, do not hesitate to go to a piano shop in Singapore. Remember, playing your favourite song is way better than listening to it alone. However, before you get one, there are things you must know first. Find out below what those are. 

What must you know about the piano?

Why is the piano the ideal musical instrument to have? 

  • Boost your creativity

As you become more familiar with the piano, you would be able to play any melody. You would not look at a sheet to play a song. All you need to do is feel and let your imagination run through your fingertips.

  • It makes you feel more confident.

As time passes, only a few can play an instrument. So, knowing one is indeed something worth to boast about, especially in high society.

  • Sharpen your memory.

It sure does, but melodies are not something to be known of using our mind, but our senses. Once you get used to it, learning a new piece is no longer an issue. You can play things by the way your ears hear them. 

  • Calm your mind.

Research shows that every beat causes our brain to follow the rhythm. As a result, it calms your mind as the song mellows down. 

  • Play your favourite song.

As mentioned before, when you learn how to play the piano, you can play anything. With that, you would not need to use Spotify.

  • Encourage your children to learn. 

Lastly, when you have a piano at home, you can teach your kids. As a result, your kids would have a chance of becoming a virtuoso.

Two types of piano that you can buy in Singapore

  1. Acoustic Piano

Although it looks old school, its beauty transcends in time. Each melody vibrates along with the player’s emotion. If you chose this one, listed below are the pros and cons you would have to face. 


  • It has a more beautiful and rich sound.
  • It responds to how you play each key.
  • Looks great anywhere.


  • Will require maintenance.
  • The upfront cost can be expensive.
  1. Digital Piano

Its looks are indeed modern and sleek at the same time. However, the keys feel so stiff and unnatural to hear.  Then again, if you chose this one, you would gain an equal amount of pros and cons.


  • It would need a little maintenance.
  • More affordable.
  • Take up less space.


  • Hard to repair.
  • Often sounds artificial
  • Keeps on changing

Which one should you have?

Your choice depends on what you need to have at home. So, think carefully. Would you have more fun playing an acoustic piano than a digital one, vice-versa? If you still do not know the answer, see the ifs below. It might help you decide what to do in this matter. 

Choose acoustic if you are

  • If you enjoy listening to classical music
  • Upgrading the aesthetic of your home
  • Want sound to respond the way you play

Choose digital if you are

  • If you want to record your music
  • You have lack space at home
  • Looking for a low-maintenance instrument

Should you buy a second-hand unit?

You might think it is over, but there is one thing left. For this question, you have to know which one is better to your advantage.  Does getting a used piano would do great for you in the long run or not? If you think otherwise, then that might be the case since old ones often need repair. So, buy a brand-new piano in Singapore instead! For sure, its price is indeed worth paying for.

5 Tips on how to choose a piano

  1. Mind the keys.

For a piano to sound so melodic, the keys are essential. So, make sure it has a smooth surface and not too hard to press with your fingertips. 

  1. Know where to place.

Naturally! Otherwise, your piano will have no space to place. So, think about this first before going to any piano shop in Singapore

  1. Check when the warranty ends.

You have to, so you would know up until when the shop holds take care of the piano that you purchase from them.

  1. Look for reviews.

Of course! You see, reading the customer reviews would help you understand their point of view. As a result, you would know if the piano they have is a high-quality one.

  1. Try playing it first.

If to see is to believe, then playing it first would keep your mind in peace. Every time your fingertip touches the keys, you will understand why you should get that piano right away.

A last word of advice

As always, do not be impulsive. Take your time and think things through. That way, you would be able to get the most out of your purchase. In any case, you think you are ready tobuy a piano in Singapore, drop by at any reliable piano shop. Start your search by going to the Steinway Gallery! You never know they might have the piano you have been looking for. So, visit their website today while their piano is on sale in Singapore

If you find this article helpful with your search, share it with others. That way, they would know whichshop to visit when buying a piano in Singapore!