What Every Athlete Should Know About Beta-Alanine 


 Exercising helps you stay fit, remain healthy and achieve your fitness goals. However, your body usually has the final say. If it gets exhausted, you will have to rest to regain energy. The downtime will make you wish there was a way you could legitimately extend your workout session. That’s where beta-alanine comes in, and it offers numerous benefits to athletes.

What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid. But unlike other amino acids, beta-alanine does not synthesize proteins. Instead, it produces carnosine to reduce lactic acid accumulation. Your body naturally has it, and you can find it in fish and meat.

When should you take beta-alanine? 

Beta-alanine supplements provide an acute stimulant response, making it an excellent pre-workout option. You’ll receive performance benefits based on the raising of muscle carnosine. Your total dose over a while will affect the final muscle carnosine concentration that you’ll achieve. So, the time of the day you’re taking the supplements is not essential as the consistency of consuming beta-alanine.

How does beta-alanine work? 

Your body relies on glucose for energy during exercise. This results in the production of lactic acid, which increases muscle acidity. The increased lactic acid makes your muscle more acidic and causes muscle fatigue and decreased muscle power. 

Beta-alanine creates a di-peptide known as carnosine. Carnosine will act as a buffer against the acid, reducing muscle acidity and increasing exercise volume and performance. You’ll have more time before exhaustion and a delay in muscle fatigue.

Benefits of beta-alanine to athletes

  • Improves performance 

Beta-alanine supplements will reduce fatigue and increase your endurance. You’ll perform better in your high-intensity exercises. 

  • Increase time to exhaustion 

Increasing time to exhaustion is one of the significant benefits of beta-alanine. You’ll be able to exercise for more extended periods for better performance. Also, you’ll last longer in your shorter-duration activities without fatigue or feeling exhausted.

  • Body composition 

Beta-alanine benefits your body composition by increasing muscle mass. The beta alanine will improve your body composition by increasing training volume and enhancing muscle growth.

  • Improves endurance and peak performance 

A beta-alanine supplement will delay muscle fatigue and increase athletes’ exercise endurance and peak capacity. You’ll be able to row harder and sprint faster after taking the supplements.

  • Reduces metal fatigue and improves mental focus

The ability to enhance mental focus by beta-alanine is beneficial to athletes. You’ll have functional and mental clarity, which will improve your cognitive process and reduce mental fatigue. 

Sources of beta-alanine 

Proteins such as pork, fish, and beef are excellent sources of beta-alanine. Though the food sources are great, you can supplement your diet with beta-alanine to improve your athletic performance. You’ll enjoy more health benefits ranging from muscle strength to endurance.

Risks of beta-alanine 

Tingling is the most common effect of beta-alanine. The feeling is temporary, even with high doses of beta-alanine. However, large amounts will make the feeling to be more intense. Also, an excessive quantity will make tingling to be uncomfortable. You can avoid tingling by using lower doses or consult your doctor before using the supplement to examine and ensure you don’t experience side effects.

Final thoughts

Beta-alanine is a perfect option to help you attain your athletic goals. It enhances athletic performance by increasing exercise volume and delaying muscle fatigue. It is available in food, and you can buy supplements to obtain optimal benefits. And as discussed above, beta-alanine is safe and has no risks if you take the correct dose.