What is Google Shopping and Why You Should Try it?



Almost everything can now be searched and checked using Google. Whether you want to book a flight, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, and even to the extent of managing your home appliances, all of those, and much more, are possible with Google.      

It also goes without saying that Google has also influenced the e-commerce industry. If you’re an e-commerce business owner and for some reason, you still haven’t used or even heard of Google Shopping, then you are definitely missing out a lot.   

Step up your game now and learn why you should try it. But first things first.    

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping, or formerly known as Product Listing Ads, is an e-commerce advertising platform and service that allows your potential customers to view your product (or multiple products) and essential information about it (such as the price, size, etc.) based on their search query.              

No, it is not an online marketplace, but rather a platform that leads the users to various retailers who availed Google Shopping for their shopping ad campaigns. 

How to Add Your Store to Google Shopping?

Using a tool called Google Merchant Center, you can manage and upload your online store and product data, which will then be displayed in Google Shopping. Creating a Google Merchant Center account is essentially a basic requirement for utilizing shopping ad campaigns. 

Creating and using a Google Merchant Center account is free of charge. Using the data listed on your Google Merchant Center account, shopping ad campaigns will be automatically generated, making your e-commerce advertising strategy a whole lot effective.  

Why Advertise Your Products on Google Shopping?


  • Google Shopping can boost your website traffic.


When users search for a specific product, Google Shopping displays all possible online stores and marketplaces where they can purchase the item. These search results come with the link to the respective retailers that sell the specific product.  

When these users click on your product page link, they will be redirected immediately to your store. Consequently, now they’ll be just a click away from making a purchase.  


  • Easily grabs the attention of the users.


Unlike the standard text ads, Google Shopping advertises products in a more attention-grabbing way by adding photos and brief product descriptions. This form of advertising is proven to have much higher conversion rates comparing to regular text ads. 

In addition, make sure to take note of these important practices:     

  1. Use high-quality photos that will stand out from your competitors;
  2. Include some of your good reviews to attract potential customers; 
  3. Make sure that you have a mobile-optimized website as most of the users casually visit websites through their mobile phones.  

When running a business, especially an online one, it is best to maximize all available resources that will help boost traffic and overall sales. In this case, Google Shopping is proven to be one of the most cost-effective platforms to showcase your business and products online, and frankly, there’s no reason for you not to try it.        

Initiating your first shopping ad campaign might be quite a process, but it will definitely go a long way. 

Some final words…   

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