What is the Difference Between A4 and A5 Folder?


When it comes to folder printing, the standardised size for printing presentation folders is set at A4 and A5, now you might wonder what exactly is it that these alphabets and number mean. To demystify this for you, we are going assist you in understanding what the underlying difference between an a4 folder and a5 folder is! It all begins with the difference in different kinds of paper sizes which is the A4 sized paper and the A5 sized paper, for which the aforementioned presentation folder is created.

There was for long a need for an international standard that could govern the various sizes of paper that are used across the globe. The most common of these is the A4 sheet, hence when we talk about the A4 folder, it is used to store the a4 sheet size, as the name suggests. Being the most commonly used paper size, you will always find a stash of it in offices in their printers. The fact of the matter is that the A4 sheet size is just so commonly available everywhere for official usage, that it is also colloquially referred to as printer paper.

Be it for the writing of reports, or drafting of legal documents etc. A4 paper size is just so common that it is the base standard for copiers everywhere and even the default standard for digital applications and word editing software. When it comes to folder printing the ideal measurements of the A4 size sheet is 210 mm X 297 mm or 8.3” X 11.7”. When you are making a folder for particular paper size, of course, you will have to leave little extra room so that the papers can be accommodated easily, hence the A4 folder is slightly larger in size to its corresponding sheet size.

Now when it comes to the A5 folder, just like A4 folder is designed to hold the A4 sheet size of pairs in the same manner A5 folder is designed to accommodate the A5 side paper which roughly measures 148 mm x 210 mm or 5.8′′ x 8.3′′ which makes it slightly smaller than A4 sheets, however if you take a closer look you’ll find an interesting g fact that in the A5 paper its longest edge is the same size as the shortest edge of the A4 sized sheets. Now much like the A4 folder, the A5 folder is also slightly larger in size than the A5 sheet and is generally used in customized custom folder printing.

Some of the A5 folders are also used to hold in A4 sized brochures that have been folded to be put in customised presentation folder packs. When you hold A4 and A5 sheets next to each other you will see that A4 sized paper is almost the double the size of A5 sized paper, same is the case with A4 folder and A5 folder. Many a time business can effectively do cost-cutting by getting a customised a5 folder printed as they are cheaper and then place A5 sized folded brochures in them — especially if the folders are mean to be mailed somewhere.

The ISO 216 standard that dictates the various paper sizes dictates that the ratio of the papers and makes them standard size that offers uniformity, which makes it so much easier for large-sized paper to be fitted into smaller envelopes, just by having to fold papers in half till the time you reach the size that is desired by you. In the case of A4 sized sheet and an A5 size folder the fact that their ratios are concurrent, makes it so much easier to fold and fit brochures or papers and be put in A5 folders.

Thus, we can see that the difference in A4 and A5 folders are just owing to their size and utility, whereas most presentation folders are traditionally made in A4 size, due to most paper sizes in offices that are used for formal documentation being the said size. However, when it comes to creating customized folders, you can really exercise your creativity for creating an A5 folder and offer your customers a unique product that is definitely worth remembering. Thus, when it comes to printing presentation folders the aforementioned differences exist between an A4 folder and an A5 folder.