What Makes an Accountant: 9 Defining Qualities of a Certified Accountant


As crucial tasks, accounting and bookkeeping are essential to the success of any business. A certified accountant provides relevant information for making informed business decisions by monitoring and measuring the company’s financial health. Therefore, precision and organisation are essential skills in these professions. Hiring the best candidate helps to have a clearer idea of what an accountant does.

A good accountant certified by the ICAEW ACA should have all the tools crucial to succeed with even the most intricate accounting systems from a financial perspective. Most accountants, if not all, have defining skills and qualities that help them give their clients the best possible service. In addition, some traits can assist you in identifying the attributes an accountant should have to meet professional needs. This article will help you identify the qualities of an excellent accountant.

In choosing accountants for your growing business, consider the following criteria.

1.   Organised

A reliable certified accountant will ensure that your books are always up to date. At the end of each month, they should be able to produce the records necessary to demonstrate earnings and liabilities. In addition, they should be able to use these records to highlight whether or not there’s profit. In addition, the accountant’s capacity for orderliness will make it simple for you to access financial documents whenever you need them, preventing your company from incurring penalties due to lost or misplaced paperwork.

2.   Academic Mindset

Accountants need a solid grounding in accounting fundamentals and a willingness to learn new information. Whenever new regulations, statutes, or taxes rise, accountants must adapt to the new realities of their profession. For this reason, a certified accountant must stay abreast of industry developments and breaking news. Keeping up with the latest technological developments is essential for today’s accountants. If one invests in professional development, one will eventually become a liability rather than an asset.

3.   Patient

If you’re curious to know how to become a chartered accountant, one of the most salient qualities of a good one is patience. Only hire an accountant who can maintain their patience throughout the lengthy process of completing accounting tasks and explaining the entire process to customers.

As a business owner, it can be daunting to learn the ropes of accounting and get your company’s books in order if your accountant is constantly rushing you. And if your accountant can’t keep their composure, good luck getting any answers to your accounting questions from them. In this case, how confident are you that you will be in your ability to understand the inner workings of your company’s accounting? That’s why it’s crucial to hire an accountant willing to take their time teaching you the ropes and making sure your company’s books are in order.

4.   Emphasise Accuracy

The work of a certified accountant requires precision. When it comes to a company’s finances, a tiny mistake could have catastrophic consequences. For this reason, accountants must pay close attention to detail and prioritise precision in their work. To be successful, accountants must have made it second nature to check their work.

5.   Good Communicator

Success in any endeavour depends on the ability to communicate effectively. And carrying strong verbal and written communication skills is crucial for any accountant hoping to succeed. Additionally, it aids them in comprehending the customer’s need and subsequently advising an improved course of action for future transactions. A chartered accountant course graduate who can effectively communicate with clients could help their employer expand their client base. Giving a polished presentation in front of clients can do wonders for the chartered accountant’s professional and personal growth.

To advance to the manager or director level, it helps to have a network of contacts—and these can provide introductions to new opportunities and help build your reputation with different audiences.

6.   Team-Player

Accounting and bookkeeping are collaborative tasks. An accountant’s ability to contribute to the success of a cohesive team is essential. A certified accountant must feel at ease in front of clients and coordinate efforts with other team members, including higher-ups. A business needs accountants who can collaborate effectively.


7.   Detail-Oriented

The quality and asset of paying close attention to detail is another essential quality in a good certified accountant. For the average person to understand the work of an accountant, they need to be able to take complex data and present it in a concise and straightforward format.

To top it all off, a professional accountant will know how to present their findings in a way that is straightforward to understand. It includes presenting their findings in simple ways for the client to understand. An attentive accountant also understands the importance of giving their clients precise financial statements. Accountants who care about their clients and want to satisfy them should prepare to put in the time and effort required to gather the necessary information to prepare reliable financial statements.

8.   Efficient

Capability in doing one’s job well is a prerequisite for being a good accountant. As a result, accountants must take all necessary precautions to ensure their work is accurate and compliant with all applicable regulations. A certified accountant must also work to avoid any potential for conflict and meet any customer-imposed deadlines. Accounting inefficiency can harm a company’s overall bookkeeping system.

9.   Credibility

Honesty is highly prized in the accounting profession because it is one of the most crucial qualities of a certified accountant. When it comes to a company’s finances, accountants are the go-to experts, but this information is naturally protected. The accountant must be trustworthy and honest for sensitive information to be in proper and safe storage.

Final words

If you’ve never worked with an accountant, you may find it challenging to find a good match for your company’s needs. Thankfully, if you know what qualities to look for—it can become much easier to spot an ideal candidate. The knowledge posted in this article will aid you in finding the most qualified accountant for your specific needs.

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