What to Do After Sustaining a Personal Injury


Sustaining an injury – especially if it is a serious one – can force you to face hellish experiences. Depending on the severity of your injury, it will take a lot of your time, effort and struggle to get back to normalcy. Defending your legal rights is not what you think too much after getting injured. Seeking medical treatment is the need of the hour. But once you start feeling well, contacting a good Portland injury lawyer sounds a pragmatic decision as every state has enforced a certain time deadline for lawsuit filing.

The article provides you with a step-by-step guide to what a victim should do after picking up an injury in an accident. It will help you build your case and protect your legal rights when your injury and consequent suffering ensue from someone’s negligence or irresponsible action/inaction.

Take Notes of Incident & Injury

You should start collecting information as much as possible and as soon as possible after getting injured in an accident. Is it a slip and fall case? Or have you suffered an injury due to an uneven surface? Whatever the context is, take note of every detail for filing a compensation claim lawsuit.

Take Photos and Preserve Evidence

The success of any personal injury compensation claim largely depends on a substantial volume of evidence including the images of the accident scene and the victim’s medical records. Talk to your doctor and collect medical reports and bills as these help in establishing the severity of your injury as well as how much you have suffered physically, psychologically and financially.

Obtain a Police Report

A police report serves as important evidence of someone’s fault in a personal injury case. The police have details of the incident and it helps to strengthen your case against the at-fault party’s defense.

Meet with an Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney is not an obligation for the victim. In fact, if it is not a serious injury, a lawyer’s fee may override what you will receive as compensation. Therefore, hiring a lawyer will not be worth it. However, if the injury is severe and it has caused you a substantial volume of wage loss and slapped you with a huge medical bill, you should meet a lawyer to find out the right course of action.

What to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

With plenty of options around, it’s not really easy to make a choice. Not all lawyers are good but many are excellent. Expertise, experience, trustworthiness, track record and fees are the five most important considerations when hiring a personal injury attorney. Not all lawyers can offer you help. Only a lawyer, who has knowledge of personal injury law, is the right person to guide you.

Final Words

Experience matters a lot. An experienced personal injury lawyer helps the victims receive the just amount of compensation that the injured deserves. The lawyer assesses your case to find out the merits in order to defend your legal rights and obtain the amount of compensation that will cover your medical expenses and lost earning.