What to do with unwanted gifts causing problems every year?


The finder.com study says that 9.5 billion USD is wasted on unwanted gifts every year and an average of 71 USD is wasted by individuals whose gifts are not wanted by the receivers. It further reveals that more than half of the US people consider at least one gift as unwanted and receive at least two unwanted Christmas gifts every year. Often the gifts you receive are so abundant quantities that they are a burden on the receiver to dispose of them. You cannot just throw them where ever you wish. Often throwing the unwanted gifts carelessly are subject to penalties and you may be behind custody for the same. Therefore, there are two dimensions of the unwanted gift issue. The first is that you are putting your loved one into trouble by gifting them unwanted gifts. The second is you are wasting your hard earned money by purchasing unwanted gifts which do not serve your purpose rather earns you bad name as well as the enemy. Choose the best gifts from Conceptplus that will be valued and preserved carefully by your near and dear ones.

If you have received an unwanted gift and is confused about what to do about it, the best option is to return it provided you know where it comes from. But you must know the hard truth that an item which once sold from a store cannot be returned back unless it is faulty and, in most cases, if the store is convinced about the fault they replace it. However, many stores are conscious about unwanted gifts and may be prepared to accept it back if the returning period is still there. If the gift is bought online, then you have 14 days normally to return the material. Check out their return policy and if they are flexible you might return them to avoid the trouble of unwanted gifts.

The other option about an unwanted gift is to re-gift it to the person who gave it to you. This sounds unfair and injustice and often awkward and embarrassing. In this situation, you have no other option but to stick a label to know who has given it to you and put the gift at the garbage. You can then go for the next option and search to swap it. You can go through various swapping websites both general and specializing and sell it appropriately.