When Snoring Becomes A Social Nuisance


Is your snoring partner stopping you from obtaining a good night’s sleep? Do you have a feeling of dragging that partner to an ear, nose, throat clinic in Singapore just to get rid of the problem?

Millions of people are snoring around the world. Some individuals are not truly trying to find means on how to stop snoring. For them, if their companions can deal with it, there’s no reason to bother. Nevertheless, not all people can endure these sounds. Are you sure your kids or friend can’t hear you from the next room? Or what happens if you’re taking a trip with other people? Are you/they willing to share the same space with them?

The Problem With Snorers

Your snoring may not be as irritating to you as it is to those you sleep with. But eventually, it will be as soon as they start complaining. You will realise that you are the one causing them their sleepless night. So before everything goes into hell, you should begin trying ways on how to stop snoring.

Several health problems exist side-by-side with snoring. Medical specialists regard snoring as a warning sign for diseases like hypertension and heartburn. Snoring is also associated with obstructive sleep apnea condition though, it is better to see an ENT doctor in Singapore for diagnosis. However, snoring does not just cause medical concerns.


Snoring: A Social Nuisance

It can be a social problem too. Confessed snorers are often confronted and are the receiving end for complaints. They are humiliated because their problem deeply affects others; preventing them from getting a good ounce of sleep. Generally, snorers also feel more groggy, easily agitated and more often lethargic in their waking hours. Snoring, as a result, is a problem that entails other problems.

Snoring As a Cause for Marital/Relationship Problem?

How many times have you heard stories of people getting turned off by their partners because of their snoring problem? Some may scoff at it as a joke, but there are truths in it. People have a strong tendency and conviction when it comes to bedroom preferences. It may often strike up a discord.

The lack of sleep likely tends to create a tense and hostile mood. In the case of relationship and marital concerns, snoring can put a strain on a relationship. Doctors and relationship experts can likely tell you that the constant interruption of sleep because of your snoring problem can even affect marital relationships as well. Some experts even claim that snoring increases divorce rates. So if you are worried about your spouse, better get a snoring treatment in Singapore as soon as possible!


How Do You Stop From Snoring?

So the question remains, how does one truly stop from snoring? Do you need special or expensive treatment just to get rid of it? The answer lies in going to a local ENT specialist in Singapore!

Before you decide to diagnose yourself or make any forms of self-treatment to get rid of snoring, the importance of seeing an ENT doctor provides accurate diagnosis and treatment. Even if you take this habit naturally, for many physicians, this is not a laughing matter. Otherwise, you would find yourself sleeping alone with nobody desiring to share the space with you!

One of the several, usual treatments that an ENT specialist in Singapore will advise is a few devices you can use to avoid snoring. One type is by using a Nasal CPAP. It is deemed effective in controlling your snoring. However, it is only short-lived and does not resolve the root cause. The CPAP device is meant to be used every night you sleep.

CPAP – What You Need To Know

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) makes use of specially designed nasal masks. It’s often used by an ENT/sinus specialist in Singapore for both snorers and people who have sleep apnea conditions. It helps keep your airway open while inhaling and non-surgical apparatus for helping patients with obstructive sleep apnea. As you sleep, a mechanism will blow air on your upper airway to avoid obstruction that causes gaps in breathing. If you find CPAP to be quite uncomfortable or hassle to use then the device may not be the right one for you.

You can use a variety of masks and anti-snoring devices, which you can find online. For better results, consult a local ENT or sinus specialist in Singapore for guidance.

Evaluation Process

Before an ENT specialist in Singapore can provide you with an anti-snoring device, you will be evaluated first. The evaluation will be based on the frequency of episodes of obstructed breathing, checking if you have other underlying conditions or other related problems and the symptoms you might feel during waking hours such as lethargy and headaches.

The doctor will examine the airway/nasal passage and physical examinations with medical history taken into consideration. The result will be used for diagnostics and for providing the right course of treatment including the device to help you during your sleep.


How Do You Pick The Right CPAP Mask?

After the evaluation process and have been finally recommended to use a CPAP device, your doctor may provide you with an option for choosing a mask. Here are a few pointers/factors for you to consider:

  • Convenience: You don’t want to spend minutes or waste 30 mins of your time trying to mask suit or fiddling around to adjust the pressure settings.
  • Comfort: Some people have irritations with the fitting; make sure the mask feels perfectly fit and comfortable without any subtle discomfort.
  • Sizing: base it on your facial shape and your nose-sized will greatly affect your choice.
  • Air pressure: Some may need low while others find high pressure to be more natural to their breathing; others may find high settings be too uncomfortable – causing nasal dryness and sometimes nosebleed.
  • Sleep habits: Your choice also depends on how you sleep. For example, others sleep with their mouths open which makes a full face mask a recommended choice.


Snoring affects more than your health and your sleep, it impacts social lives, affecting your relationship with people around you. While snoring doesn’t indicate any fatal risks, it can damage how people can perceive and sometimes, you may even feel your self-worth is on the line. Seeing a professional ENT/sinus specialist in Singapore or acquiring an anti-snoring device is well worth the cause of resolving those snoring problems away!

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