When to Stop Using Baby Swings


Many parents do not know how to make their babies sleep while the babies are so sleepy. The babies are just crying and they do not know how to sleep. Fortunately, parents have a solution that can help babies sleep soundly using a baby swing. A baby swing is really helpful and it is very effective to make your baby sleep. But, you cannot use baby swing forevers and you may stop in in certain cases. When to stop using baby swing? Here’s an informative guide.

Don’t use baby swing if your baby falls asleep

A baby swing is only used to help baby sleep. But, if your baby eventually falls asleep, then you should not let the baby sleep in the swing because it can make him slouch or slump. Many babies fall from the swing because of the lack of supervising. Parents need to supervise their babies when they are sleeping in the swing.

Remove your babies after 30 minutes passed

Many parents let their babies sleep in swings until they wake up. This is not a good habit because it can cause the baby to feel dizzy. Even though the baby does not fall asleep yet, you should remove your babies from the swing and put the babies on their bed. Otherwise, the babies may develop a flat spot on the head.

Don’t use swing if your baby is too weight

Somehow, babies cannot always use baby swings forever because the baby swing may not hold the baby’s weight anymore. When the baby is too heavy, it will increase the burden which can damage the baby swing. As a result, your baby may fall on the floor that can endanger him. It is important to measure the weight of your baby every month so you know how heavy your baby is.

Don’t use a swing if your baby can climb out

A baby swing is a good choice if your baby is still an infant and cannot climb out. But, if the baby is growing up and he can climb out, using a baby swing can be very dangerous. If you do not supervise the baby while sleeping on the swing, you will not notice that he is wake up and then he climbs out. In this case, your baby may fall and he may get injured and cry loudly.

Don’t use it if the baby cannot sleep in the swing

You should not force your baby to sleep in a swing. Some babies may not be able to sleep in a swing, especially if he or she is already growing up. If you force him to sleep in the swing, he may easily wake up and you will notice it. It can also be dangerous for the baby. It is better that you carry the baby with you to make him sleep.

Finally, those are a few things to know when you must stop using a baby swing. A baby swing can be useful for babies between 1 month up to 12 months. But, if he or she grows up and can climb out, you should not use it anymore.