Which flooring is best for you?


Every home needs flooring. Without flooring the home is incomplete. The flooring plays a vital role in enhancing the charm of the home. Experts say that if you want to change the look of the home, change your floor. Changing the floor is the easiest way to provide a new appearance to the home. To be honest, the selection of the floor is not an easy task. The wrong floor can double your expenses and make people frustrated. Because flooring is not a cheap process so that the majority can not afford it twice. So, everyone should choose the vinyl floor after considering some factors. First of all, you can consider your lifestyle. Determine what is your budget? After this, if you have children then look for those flooring which is easy to maintain. If you have pets then try to purchase those flooring that does not attract hair, allergy and dirt. Make sure the flooring which you are going to install will look well with the overall decor of the interior. Below! Some of the most popular flooring options to which you can take into account.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Ohh hardwood! The most popular type of flooring. Hardwood floors are seen in many resorts, restaurants, homes and offices because of the way they attract the people. If you are looking for something natural and aesthetic flooring you can go with hardwood flooring. They are visually appealing and they will increase the class and value of the home. The resale value of the property can be increased with hardwood flooring. Going with the hardwood floor will be an expensive approach for some people. Make sure you have a good budget. Those who want cheap flooring can ignore hardwood flooring. These floors are not ideal for the areas where there is high humidity.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring

Looking for wood flooring but can not afford hardwood flooring? Why need to worry when we have engineered wood flooring. There are a total three layers in this flooring. The upper layer consists of real wood and the lower two layers consist of plywood. At low price, you can give the natural touch and classical appeal to the home. They are more resistant to moisture and you can even install this flooring in the basement. Engineered wood flooring can be refinished 1 to 3 times. The scratches and dents are the enemies of this flooring.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and tough flooring. These tiles come in a variety of shapes, patterns and colors, due to which they can fit well in any kind of decor. They are resistant to stain, water and scratches which provide more ease in the cleaning process. Ceramic tiles are best for the kitchen, laundry room, basement and washroom. They are hard and one does not feel softness while walking on them. In winter, it is difficult to barefoot walk on them because they are too cold.

  • Vinyl Flooring

The softness which you are looking at above floorings, you can get from vinyl flooring. This flooring is not as hard as above floorings, but it is long-lasting and stands against daily wears and tears. A lot of colors and patterns are available in vinyl flooring. The life of vinyl flooring is long and it can be installed in the high traffic area. The drawback of vinyl floorings sheets is that they can not be repaired but itf tiles are installed then they can be replaced.

  • Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a good alternative to wood flooring. Although, it is not a real wood flooring but it looks like wood flooring. Laminate flooring comes in tiles and sheets. As compared to wood flooring, laminate flooring is more resistant to scratches, stains and scuffing. It can be less cost-effective because it can not refinish. When it comes to price, it is not expensive.

  • Cork Flooring

If you want to install unique water-resistant flooring then you can go with cork flooring. Of course, cork is a sensible choice for the bathrooms. The main benefit of this flooring is that it is water-proof and slip-resistant which makes them the perfect options for the wet areas. Cork flooring can be installed in the outdoor of the home as well. The remarkable resilience of cork contributes to its durability.