Why Is There A Need For Winterization Of Your Sprinkler?

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If you live in a place where the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to winterize the lawn sprinkler before the temperature surges to a freezing mark. If it has been left forgotten, it could destroy your entire sprinkler system. So, it’s best if you could hire a contractor who could do the winterization on your behalf. You can browse for sprinkler winterization near me and hire the best ones for your lawn sprinkler.

Why is winterization required?

Lawn sprinklers can prevent pipes from freezing and valves from bursting. It helps in preventing the damages that could destroy the irrigation system because of the freezing. Winterization can cause the irrigation system to work efficiently throughout. It helps in the prevention of a catastrophe. The system must get winterized before the first freeze of the colder months. So, you should Google sprinkler winterization near me and get winterization done from a specialized team.

Who can winterize the sprinkler system?

If you have a clear understanding of the irrigation system and are well equipped with the tools and mechanisms to deploy and execute the process, you can do the winterization on your own. But if you are not a pro, then the best course of action would be to winterize the sprinkler system and hire the experts. They can ensure that the winterization is done timely and efficiently.

How can you do winterization of a sprinkler system?

There are various steps of winterization of a sprinkler system. Here are the steps:

Shutting off the water supply:

The first step is to shut off the sprinkler system’s water supply to ensure that not even a trickle of water flows. The main aim of winterization is to keep the pipes entirely dry. One needs to insulate the valves to protect them from freezing. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you could either reprogram it or shut down the controller entirely.

Removing and draining the system:

If there is any water left in the system, then it is important to drain it out. The leftover water can freeze and expand in the pipes that can burst the pipes as well.

Blow Out

There is another method named a blow out method. In this process, you need to force the compressed air through the sprinkler system. It will help in blowing out the excess water through the sprinkler heads. It will make the entire pipes and valves dry all at once.

Bonus tips for a beautiful lawn and landscape

  • One should water early in the morning when the temperature is significantly lower. It increases the water absorption in the ground
  • One should avoid watering at night because fungus can develop on the grass
  • You should water the grass only when they need it. If the grass starts to change colors or there are imprints of your footprints when you walk over the grass, it indicates water.

No one likes to reinstall the whole sprinkler system every year. So, being a bit proactive is basically a wise decision. Do not let winter ruin your beloved garden, and get professional help right away.