Why My Prayers Remains Unanswered?


Everybody has experienced frustration because of “unanswered” prayer for healing. Think of a loved one who has endured, a family member who drops from the confidence, a desire that has fallen by the wayside. Rely on God is shattered when God fails to provide vital petitions. Many hinges on if or not God truly does address petition that it’s ravaging when God doesn’t react the method, we want him to, specifically when those petitions are for things, we believe are excellent, things that God ought to wish to do.

Does God really constantly answer our prayers?

That’s what is instructed in Sunday institution anyway, yet it doesn’t always seem like it. When we get older, we find that things do not continuously work the method we hope they would. This shouldn’t trigger us to surrender on prayer, or the worst, quit on God. The fact is that God constantly responds to prayer; however, in order to see just how, we must have an open mind as well as an open heart.

There are two ways “unanswered” prayers can turn out, one is coherently, as well as the other is mysterious. There are times when God does not respond to a petition, the means we want as well as we will never ever understand why. Something awful is about to happen as well as we pray against it, yet it happens anyway, as well as there are no feasible human means to resolve why God could have allowed it to happen. This does happen. However, experience informs me that this is rare, as well as usually our frustration or disillusionment is the beginning of something more.

What we need to want to consider is that we have a tendency to lose out headings. God is addressing our prayers. If we enable dissatisfaction with God to lead us to the conclusion that God doesn’t care, or that God does not answer our petitions, we miss out on a significant development chance as well as a chance to see God move in action to our prayers.