Why rigid core flooring is best for commercial spaces?

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Timber flooring is one of the mostly used construction materials in human history. And its visible naturalness and warmth is unrivalled by other materials, such as stone and metal.

However, the lack of durability of timber flooring has made commercial spaces reluctant to choose it as a prominent flooring material, not to mention the cost in maintenance.

Thanks to the rigid core technology in timber flooring, business and commercial space with extensive traffic do not have to worry about the consequences in using timber flooring anymore.

Advantages of rigid core for commercial space

There are two types of rigid core flooring on the market currently, named as SPC or WPC. While one uses stone (SPC) and the other uses wood (WPC) to mix with polymer and form a composite material, both rigid core share similar characteristics.

Water resistance

One of such is its resistance against water. Water and moisture are huge enemies to timber. Moisture is easily absorbed into wood that weaken the structure of wood with micro-organisms digesting the wood. And those organisms, notably mold, are impactful not only to the appearance of the floor, but also the health and hygiene in the property.

Thanks to the polymer used, rigid core is 100% resistant against water. Therefore, whether if it is an accidental spill or using in a cozy restaurant, the maintenance of the flooring is minimal. Daily cleaning of the flooring will be able to uphold the said durability of rigid core flooring.

Impact resistance

Rigid core is also superior against traditional timber boards on the ability to defend against impacts.

Timber boards, laminated or solid, are less resistant to heavy impacts. Dents are often left on the floor with drops of heavy objects like a laptop.

Dents on timber boards cannot be recovered unless replaced. The permanent mark is both distracting to the appearance and dangerous as an uneven surface.

The solid and dense rigid core layer is able to resist such impacts without visible marks. For spaces with high traffic, the hardness minimizes the possibility of dents and thepotential issues associated.

Benefits associated with rigid core timber flooring

As an engineered timber flooring, rigid core timber flooring is manufactured with layers that offer additional benefits to commercial spaces.

Top protective layer

The top layer of rigid core flooring is often not the vinyl or timber veneer itself but a transparent protective layer.

Thanks to the latest advancements, the thin layer is terribly strong against almost all kinds of physical torture.

No matter if it is pet scratches or high heels, the protective layer can withstand those without visible marks.For pet stores or retail shops, rigid core timber flooring can stay fresh as day one.

Some wholesalers also add an extra coating on top for easier cleaning, making daily cleaning of the space simpler and lowering the working hours.

Bottom cork layer

The bottom layer of rigid core flooring majorly uses cork as the material. This soft material serves twokey features.

Firstly, the soft cork layer allows rigid core flooring to be installed on slightly uneven surfaces. Because of the mouldability of cork, rigid core flooring does not have to install on perfectly flat surface. Minor defects are acceptable for simplified installation and minimized construction hours.

Secondly, the cork layer acts as a sound reducing pad. Instead of the knocking sound on solid timber boards, cork can dampen the sound when the floor is being walking on. This minimizes the disturbance from sound to other occupants and to the lower floors.

Clipping installation system

Most wholesalers and retailers now sell rigid core flooring with a locking system preinstalled. This addition is simpler to install and perfect for DIYers.

The clipping system interlocks among different boards that secure the board on the floor. Unlike traditional timber boards that require nails or glue, rigid core flooring can be installed directly without securing methods used.

How to choose rigid core flooring for commercial space?

If you are looking for quality rigid core flooring that is highly durable, the warranty on offer from the wholesaler or retailer is a huge factor to consider.

Some wholesalers offer 10-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty. With such claims, you know that the quality of their products can be trusted.