Why Should You Choose Bamboo as the Flooring Material?


These days, bamboo floors are becoming quite popular among homeowners in Australia which they prefer as an alternative to traditional hardwood floors. One of the biggest advantages of bamboo is the ability to regenerate so quickly. Besides that, bamboos are an extremely tough material when bamboo strands are woven.

Bamboo is considered eco-friendly because it is not a hardwood but grass. The bamboo plant can be regenerated within 5 years, whereas hardwood trees need more than 30 years to grow after harvesting.

For flooring installation, bamboo is simply one of the best choices for homeowners who choose the beauty and warmth of hardwood, but do not want to destroy the world’s rainforest.

The following are a few good reasons why people are now going more for bamboo material as their choice for flooring material.

  • Durable material

Bamboo floors of better quality can last as much as any traditional hardwood floors. Particularly, un-carbonized bamboos are equally strong as red oak.

  • A stylish option for flooring

Those people who are attracted to a clean and modern aesthetic type of bamboo flooring will surely like the style that bamboo flooring can offer.

  • Offers variety

One of the biggest advantages of bamboo flooring is that you can get bamboo material in many different colours and styles.

  • Eco-friendly

Bamboo is considered a fast-growing grass and is seen by most people as a much more sustainable material as compared to even traditional hardwood.

  • A natural material

In various home constructions, the use of different natural materials is quite hot these days, bamboo flooring can be also a solid choice for many ecologically conscious people.

  • Easy to maintain

Bamboo flooring material needs a fairly low amount of maintenance because it can be very easily cleaned by simply using a mild soap and by using a mop.

  • Can be refinished

Since, bamboo floors can also become discoloured, dented, or scratched over a period of time, hence it is comforting to know that it is possible to refinish them if needed.

  • Somewhat water resistant

Bamboo in comparison to traditional hardwood flooring will come out to be slightly ahead as it is more resistant to water stains, damage, and warping.

  • Low cost

Bamboo material, despite being an exotic, unique flair flooring material but it is less expensive than comparable hardwood flooring.

  • Widely available

Earlier, it was very hard to find any eco-friendly building materials. However, once people have started preferring bamboo flooring installation all that has all changed. Bamboo is widely available at different stores and even online too.

  • Unique beauty

The natural look of bamboo can offer the floors a unique beauty that can be attractive in any room. Bamboo is also a timeless material, so your floors too will look just as attractive for many years after you install them.

  • Easy to install

You can save your money by installing bamboo floor yourself. It is so easy to install, particularly using the floating floor method.