Why Students and Job Seekers Should You Choose PG & Single Room


Pune is a very good city for students and those choosing it as their job location. There are plenty of options for such people to stay in Pune. Apart from PG and hostels, the students and office going people can also choose single rooms. Single rooms also these days have many options and amenities, which make it flexible for these people to stay and choose it. Plus, in a single room, you will not have many restrictions. You can choose a good affordable single room and enjoy your space. One of the reasons as to why students should choose single rooms is because it makes them disciplined and they can learn to manage a lot of things. There are many areas in Pune where you can get a single room for rent in Pune

Choose PG in Bangalore

Plus, you will not have restrictions from the owner on time like going out and coming late. Bangalore is another good place to live and work. It has become a hub for students and many people choose it as their job location. Plus, the food is also good. One of the best places in Bangalore which people choose is Koramangala, which is top on the list. It is known as one of the places having the best residential neighborhoods. And getting a PG in Bangalore is also easy through networks and if you search online. Koramangala is a place from where you can connect to the major areas like electronic city, Hosur road, intermediate ring road, airport road, etc. So, taking a commute will be easy and time-saving.

Affordable Rent for PG & Single Rooms

In this global pandemic, you can trust the PG and Single rooms which are available in Bangalore and Pune including other metro cities. It is because the owners are taking extreme health precautions in providing the rooms like frequent sanitization etc. Also, they have cut the charges making it easy for outsiders to come and choose the PG and Single rooms. And also, there is no need to worry about safety issues, because most of the PGs offer high-end security like CCTV camera and guards, safety alarms. Plus, it is completely safe for girls to choose a PG in Bangalore and single rooms in Pune.

Prime Areas of Pune for Single Room

Single rooms are available in the prime areas of Pune like Ambegaon, Aundh, Baner, BavdhanKhurd, BavdhanBudruk, Balewadi, Bhamburde (now called Shivajinagar) including Bibvewadi. Amenities and facilities which are available are free Wi-Fi, TV and furniture in rooms, and food. If you want you will also be allowed by the owner to create a kitchen space in your single room if you prefer to cook meals yourself. In many cases, kitchen space is provided or common where you are sharing it with the owner. Whether you stay in a PG or Single room, visitors will be allowed; unlike in hostels which have limitations on the visit of male friends in case if you are a bachelor.

Variations in Rent

Apart from that different owners have their different rules for tenants. Some owners may allow you to party and some may have it mentioned in the agreement i.e. no partying or music or dancing. The rooms and PGs will also have different rent depending on the amenities and extra facilities like food which the owners are providing along with the staying. Plus, students get a good opportunity to create networks and do social interactions as in many PGs they get good neighbors and roommates to share the space.