Working with a full-service interior design company: A quick guide!

Home Improvement

Designing your dream home from scratch requires considerable work, and as a homeowner, you have to consider all relevant aspects, including the interiors. While there’s plenty of free information floating around on the web and all those décor magazines, you should still consider hiring a full-service home interior service, which can offer end to end services. In this post, we are discussing more on the process and some of the relevant aspects that matter the most.

Why hire an interior design service?

Let’s first answer the basic question that many homeowners have in mind. Contrary to what many may believe, hiring an interior design company doesn’t shooting over and beyond your budget. In fact, this could be just the opposite. With a reliable and known design team, you can actually work around a price decided, and can also avoid some of the expensive mistakes. For most people, the biggest task is finding contacts and getting the work coordinated, which an interior design team can do perfectly. You just need to add your inputs when required and share feedback as the work gets done.

How to get started?

It all starts with finding an installation service. Ask a few questions, such as –

  1. How long the company has been in business?
  2. What kind of services do they offer?
  3. What’s their area of expertise?
  4. Do they have all the contacts required for your project?
  5. Can they work around a budget?
  6. What kind of residential homes do they design?
  7. Do they have an in-house team of designers and experts?
  8. Will they offer an estimate in advance?
  9. Do they deal in modular homes?
  10. If yes, can they show a few samples of the work they have done?

These are basic things that must be discussed, and you can request for a personal meeting, which is the next step.

The first meeting

The initial meeting with the design team requires the most attention. You have to be absolutely sure that the concerned company is open to the idea of sharing ideas, designs and layouts for your home, and they should be able offer samples for reviewing. The first meeting is also important, because all the important aspects have to be discussed, as well. For instance, what do you expect in terms of design and functional elements in the kitchen? How much space do you need in the bedroom for storage? Do you have a colour palette in mind?

Discussing budget and other aspects

Finally, you have to consider if the interior design company can work around a budget. In many cases, the customers decide on a final budget and ask the design team as what they can provide or offer in that price. Another option is to select a layout or design, which can be customized for your home, and based on that, you can ask for an estimate. It is necessary to evaluate and understand the pricing, and it is necessary to get a deadline for the job. No matter whether it is a small project or a big home, an interior design company is expected to work professionally, and they should update the customer about the work at all times.

Check online to shortlist a few full-service interior design companies right away, and start by asking for an initial consultation, which is usually free of charge.