Yunnan Red Dragon Gem Black Tea


Origin and History

A supremely unique and enjoyable Dragon Gem Black tea first created over 1500 years back within the province of Yunan, thus which makes it among the earliest types of tea. Yunnan also offers the excellence of manufacturing more tea than every other a part of China which excellent brew gives the flavors that may simply be achieved through the ancient Chinese tea making techniques that provide a complexity of aromas that will satiate your senses with only a couple of pearls for any kettle. They are known as “red, ” however in China, that they like to their black tea red and and so the name “Red Dragon Gem Black Tea.”

Shape and texture

This beautiful teas are hands-folded into pearls after being harvested in spring. Each gem consists of hands-selected black and gold foliage is wrapped tightly and by hand processed to their jewel-like form. Once steeped each gem expands out right into a nice pile of full lengthy leaves and may get you to a different world in a sip. The appearance is a little rag ball which is used by weavers to create rugs, but there ends the similarity. What this tea gives is really a definite scent of chocolate and dried leaves. The concern drawn in causeing this to be teas are borne because the employees can establish only one kg tea each hour.


The Advantageous health results of tea happen to be consistently shown both in human and animal studies. Probably the most broadly recognized qualities of tea are their antioxidant activities, as a result of remarkable ability to scavenge reactive oxygen.

A few of the other benefits are:-

  • Cataract, which mainly develops because of protein precipitation within the lens from the eye, might be reduced by elevated tea consumption.
  • Black Tea contains fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and improves oral health.
  • Among women 65-76 y old, tea consumption was connected with greater bone mineral density measurements.
  • In diet-caused obese rodents, use of tea for 10 days avoided weight problems and fatty liver.
  • Ingestion of tea extract by healthy youthful men with every meal led to a substantial rise in 24-hour energy expenditure along with a significant reduction in the 24-hour respiratory system quotient.
  • Several epidemiological research has proven advantageous results of black tea in cancer, cardiovascular, and nerve illnesses.
  • The health advantages connected with black tea consumption are also corroborated in animal studies of cancer chemoprevention, hypercholesterolemia, coronary artery disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, along with other aging related disorders.


The easiest way of brewing the teas are achieved through the following:

o Heat water to roughly 95°C/200°F.

o Use 2 pearls per cup/small teapot.

o Brew for 5-10 minutes.

Following this, the brew should be a vibrant yellow-colored-eco-friendly color liquor getting a strong visual feeling.


The Yunnan Red Dragon Gem Black tea yields a spicy and smooth aroma with pleasing jasmine overtones using the expected malty and chocolate tones of Yunnan released more gradually and lightly because of the gem form. It features a smooth texture and also the sweet, gentle taste of malt and chocolate and it has minimal astringency. Using its perfect degree of depth and briskness, this tea will make you need to enjoy several cup.