10 Tips and tricks to top in your class 7


The most common question that every student has “how to top in my exams?” Well, we all have been at this stage once in our lifetime. With proper guidance and tips, one can do wonders. 

Most students find math and science difficult. But when studied from a correct source with a strategic approach, it becomes less challenging. 


To top in your class 7 exams and perform well in your math exam, refer to NCERT solutions for class 7 maths. It will not only help you get a clear understanding but also solve most of your queries.

Listed below are a few tips and tricks that helped me get through my exams and if done religiously, it might help you top your class 7 exams as well:

  1. Try attending all your classes with dedication.

Discipline is the key, no matter what we do. The important lessons that are taught on regular basis are crucial for your further preparations. In order to have a stronger base, attending classes regularly is a must.

  • Choose a correct source of knowledge.


To score well in your class 7, you must refer to some of the subject textbooks that will help you cover your entire syllabus without the chances of you missing out on things. And for challenging subjects, you can prepare from ncert solutions.

  1. Work smart and not hard.

Instead of studying from multiple books, prefer studying from respective subject books for building a strong foundation. For example, ncert is the standard book that has been helpful to quite a few.

  1. Revision is the key.

Subjects like math, requires practice. So, studying from ncert solutions for class 7 maths can help you revise and be thorough with your basics. Rest other subjects can be managed by daily revision and solving sample papers.

  1. Take effective breaks.

Breaks are essential for effective study and increased concentration. It can be as small as 5 minutes, but taking breaks on regular intervals is a must.

  1. Set realistic targets for the day.

Instead of setting bigger targets, plan your day by setting realistic targets which can be achieved without any major inconvenience. Don’t forget to give yourself treats after achieving your set target. As it will help you stay motivated too.

  1. Stay curious.

Don’t just study for the sake. Stay curious, ask WHAT, WHY & HOW, always. It will help you learn in a better way. Mugging up won’t help, but if you know the concepts clearly, you can answer all the questions in your own words and still score well.

  1. Build interest in what you are studying.

You can grasp most of the things only when you are 100% into it. So, it is important for you to stay interested in every subject you study. For instance, when studying math, you cannot mug up from ncert solutions for class 7 maths. You will have to understand each concept in depth to solve any sum properly the next time you attempt.

  1. Learn from your setbacks.

There might be chances wherein even after giving your best, you failed to top your class. That’s ok until you don’t give up and keep trying. Learn from your mistakes and find ways that works for you.

  1. Lastly, stay healthy and stay fit. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important. Eat good food, exercise, take part in sports or any extracurricular activity that keeps you fresh.

One smart trick that helped me in my school days was the way I delivered my answer using flow-charts, straight to the point, highlighting important points and explaining using diagrams.

Try these tips and tricks and develop your own in the process and see how becoming a topper seems no more challenging.