A student must know these facts before applying for an internship


Every year, a large number of students graduate from their respective colleges. They study in different fields like engineering, management, medical and many more specific fields. During their study, they must have come up across the word, internship. Internships are usually done during the vacation time when the students are on holiday. Many students go for an internship to improve their practical experience and increase their skills in the field. Having an internship has a become a necessity nowadays because large number of students graduate every year. Therefore, not everyone can get a decent job. The companies look for special traits in a student other than his degree and marks like real world working experience, attitude, knowledge and much more.

Are internships really important?

Many students are still confused that whether they should do an internship or not. Many don’t even care about it. But the fact is that in today’s world, having an internship has more value than anything else. During the interview, all the companies will ask the student about their internships and the type of knowledge and experience they gained during the period. This is done to check whether the student has any experience in the field or not. This is why a student must do internships in their field to have more practical and real world knowledge. The student can gather much more knowledge about the working process and current happenings in the world. A student cannot learn such things in college.

Which type of internship is better – paid or unpaid?

There are 2 types of internships that are offered by the companies. They are :-

  • Paid
  • Unpaid

Paid internships are the types of internships where a student will be given a monthly salary to work for the company. This pay differs from company to company. Such internships are very less as no company would like to pay to a student who has no prior experience in the field. But the companies who pay salary will give some projects to the students which they need to complete under a specified time. Some companies will ask the students to help the employees in their work and if possible, suggest some ideas. The students will be able to indulge in all the activities and will gain some real working experience in the company. This is why paid internships are the best as the company will also show some interest in the students. If the students performs excellent, then after graduation, he may even be asked to join the company.

Unpaid internships on the other hand, are offered by a large number of companies. The chances of gaining real world working experience is quite low in this case as the student will be asked only to observe. He won’t be assigned any special tasks or projects. If the student is doing an internship on a foreign city or county, then he will also have to pay for the room rent. Without getting a salary, such internships would be very costly. So a student must always try to find paid internships.