Are online courses better to learn Spanish?


This is one of the frequently asked questions. Learning online versus traditional classes; Instead of taking a class at college, language center or private tutor. In this article we will explore the use of technology to learn Spanish. What is the difference between quality of education you receive and the student experience?

Learning experience

Online courses allow you to learn anytime and anywhere. You can access your course material all the time. It is very flexible to attend lessons whenever you want.

No Rush-hour traffic

One of the biggest advantages of learning through online class is comfort of your home. No traffic problem to attend a night class. You can even do it in coffee shop, office or cubicle or anywhere with stable internet connection.

Online classes are affordable

Private classes are expensive and not less $30 per hour. Group classes are in the range of $100 to $175 and 4 classes in a month. Online programs are much affordable such as Rype offer $28 per week. You can take 30 classes per month which traditional classes cost same for four lessons.  You can also check out this Synergy Spanish review if you want to learn to speak Spanish online fast.

No fear of missing a class

You will never miss out valuable class if you get tied up in office or other unusual circumstances. But there is no fear of missing online class. If you missed a lecture, you can continue where you left.

Achieve learning goals faster

It’s obvious that everyone can’t afford a private tutor which cost $50-$90 per lesson. Most of the traditional classes are once per week type thing. And you can take 20 to 30 online classes per month which will speed up your Spanish learning. No need to break it down for you. Which route will make your progress of learning Spanish faster?  Four classes per month or 20-30 classes per month?

Final words

The internet makes it easier for people to learn new language anywhere with strong internet connections. Some courses are a bit pricey. Online courses are great to learn foreign vocabulary. You can learn new words with flashcards every day.

You can play online classes and watch videos lessons and listen to audio recording. Either you stuck somewhere or confused. You can’t ask someone to clarify for you. A teacher can repeat and rephrase for you and clear your doubts. Teacher or tutor will specifically target your weak areas and help you improve them. In online classes, no one is there to figure out your weak areas.

Online courses are not goodat making your accent authentic. It is very difficult without someone help to listen and watch you speak. And correct your mistakes are a big disadvantage. You need constant practice with a friend or teacher. So that you can listen and respond properly.

You need to be consistent to take classes online. If you don’t have discipline already, online classes may not help you much.Busy adults have social and professional responsibilities which it difficult for them. The structure of classroom environment can be important for younger students.