Beautiful Flowers for Decorating Home and Outdoor


Christian Dior, the popular French fashion designer once quoted “After Women, flowers are the most divine creations” and we couldn’t possibly agree more. We can’t be grateful enough to the Almighty for the creation of some of the most beautiful flowers, differing in its structure, colour, appeal and symbolism. Some stand for being endemic to a particular region, while some others are classified as exotic flowers. Each of the flowers is beautiful in its own way, be it, bright coloured yellow roses or sunflowers. To decorate the venue for a function, wedding or just to enhance the home decor, flowers are just so perfect that our words fail to describe. Here are a few beautiful flowers that perfectly complement any indoor or outdoor space effortlessly.

  • Tulips – The cup-shaped flowers with three petals is quite an endearing choice to decorate one’s home or outdoor with. These blooms liven up the decor, instantly by adding its charm to any venue.
  • Roses – An evergreen classic choice of flowers to decorate your home-sweet-home with. Roses are perennial flowers which means they are easily available all year round and that too, in different beautiful colours.
  • Marigolds – A common flower to decorate every Indian household during festivities or otherwise, marigolds are a popular choice of decoration flowers. The bright yellow, orange or maroon shade of this flower and its easy availability is what makes it so popular.
  • Hydrangeas – Where there are Hydrangeas, there exists immense beauty. To notch up the charm of any corner of your house or outdoor with a bunch of Hydrangeas is an excellent choice. All at once, it grapes the attention of all.
  • Lavender – Pastels and light shades of flowers are something which is very much in-trend. So, gather some stalk of lavender flowers to add charm to any kind of dull corners.
  • Sunflowers – Add tropical cool vibes to your home or outdoor decor as you gather some long-stemmed sunflowers to arrange it in some beautiful floral arrangement. The bright colour of the flowers is sure to add some sunshine to your decoration.
  • Orchids – If you are wishing to add some exotic sophisticated appeal to your decor, then orchids should be your go-to flower option for decoration.
  • Gerberas – Gerberas add liveliness to any dull corners of your house indoors as well as outdoors, which is why they are perfect flowers for decoration purposes. You can play around with the colours it comes in.
  • Carnations – Ruffled flowers or carnations, coming in scintillating colours add its simplistic charm when placed in and as a centrepiece. They are one of the most long-living flowers and second most popular flowers which are put into decorative use.
  • Peonies – A bright bunch of peonies are sure to make one smile while catching a glimpse out of as one decorates their home or outdoor with these flowers.

So, what’s your pick gonna be to decorate the indoors and outdoors of your home-sweet-home? Get your florist to supply you with any of these flowers and decorate your home or outdoors beautifully.