Best Booster Club Fund Raising Ideas


One of the major strategies used by schools, clubs, sports teams, and some other organizations to raise money is Booster Club fundraising. It works, as both parents and the kids enjoy the activity and are eager to engage in it. Though the parents releasing funds may not be easy, but with the right ideas from Fundraising Zone properly implemented as you will discover in this article, your booster club will flourish.

Booster clubs are organizations consisting of parents and other supportive persons or organizations very much interested in making sure the experience their children have in school is enriching, by gathering funds to support the school’s initiatives whenever financial aid is needed. No matter how supportive members of your school’s booster club may be, you need amazing ideas that will unzip their bags and leak their pockets. So, what are these ideas, and how do you implement them?

Implementing Fundraising Ideas

The first fundraising idea is to, of course, set up a booster club. But managing that booster Club should also be considered an important thing. You need to keep your booster Club properly organized because that is where your successful booster club fundraising starts from. Ensure that there’s good communication between the school and the club. It is necessary. Now, here are some of the many activities you can engage in.

  1. Talent show

This is definitely one of the biggest ideas that really work. A talent show event will attract attention and interest from the parents and the students themselves. Without any doubt, parents will be eager and excited to release funds to celebrate their kids and watch them put their talents on display as they also put theirs.

  1. Art Display

Pretty much like a talent show, the two events can be held together. This idea is also very productive in many ways, not just to generate money. Run a competition and award the best, then auction it out for the members to buy, if you like. Or in another method, you can get the students and members to put in their best into creating amazing arts, then sell them out.

  1. Sports Events by Members

Organizing sports events has been a major fundraising idea implemented everywhere. This requires logistics to avoid being at loss or putting in an effort that would yield results. The cost of running the event should be properly considered. However, it is one of the best ideas that work and many organizations are implementing. You can try some of these:

  • Basketball tournament
  • A 5 A-side Soccer match
  • Home Run Derby
  • Golf day
  • A marathon contest. And more.
  1. Sale of Fundraising Products

This is the idea of creating fundraising products like customized t-shirts, bracelets, and hats. This method of fundraising can be implemented to create awareness on societal challenges and bring in cash at the same time. This is an evergreen idea that might just work for your booster club. You can do this as part of an event or create an event for it specially. It depends on whichever you think would work out best for you.

  1. Make transactions easier

Considering the fact that cash is the main priority during a fundraising campaign or event, that should not limit your mode of receiving cash to hand to hand transactions alone. You can create a website to make payments easier for funds coming in from people who don’t have cash on them. Buying tickets for your organized shows should also be made an online activity. That alone makes it more convenient for your club and customers.

Beyond the events and campaign, there are other things you must have in mind to make sure your booster Club fundraising projects are always successful whenever you have them. What are these things?

  • Avoid hosting too many fundraisers in a year.
  • Open up to your donors on what their money will be used for. You never know, they may be more interested than just dropping a few dollars.
  • Always be grateful to your contributors, irrespective of what they drop.

Wish you a successful fundraiser!