Can I Do BCA After the 12th – BCA Course After the 12th?


Pursuing a BCA degree after the 12th is a great option, especially for students who want to make a career in computer applications. With the rapid advancement in technology, BCA’s scope has widened tremendously. Making it an attractive option for many students. 

A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree is an undergraduate program. That aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become proficient in computer applications. The BCA course provides students with the fundamentals of programming languages, including computer architecture, algorithms, and data structures. It also helps to impart knowledge of software development, database management systems, computer networks, and web technologies. 

BCA Degree Overview

Particular Details
Abbreviation BCA
Course Name Bachelors of Computer Application
Program Type Undergraduate Program
Duration 3 years
Eligibility 50% or above, with English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
Eligibility for Commerce & Arts 12th if your optional subjects are Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.


BCA Course Eligibility After 12th Class

Students must have completed a 12th degree to pursue a BCA programme. The expected total score is 50% or above, with English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Yet, it is possible to pursue this degree even if you have taken Arts or Commerce Stream in 12th if your optional subjects are Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.


Should You Pursue BCA After the 12th Commerce & Arts?

BCA is an applied course that specifically focuses on filling a particular role in the IT industry. That is probably the reason why BCA graduates get placed very fast, as compared to other commerce and arts graduates. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing a BCA from the Arts or Commerce stream. Take a look. –

  • Open doors in Various Industries 

BCA graduates can find employment opportunities in nearly every Industry, which include finance, commerce, transportation, software, education, etc.

  • Lucrative Job Opportunities

A BCA degree provides lucrative job opportunities. After completing the final course, you will receive a basic salary package of up to Rs 5 LPA, much higher than most freshmen in the Industry.

  • Various Specialisations

Many BCA colleges in India offer a variety of specialisations that allow you to choose your particular area of ​​interest. You can choose from these specialities such as 

  • Internet Technologies
  • Animation
  • Network Systems
  • Programming Languages (C++, JAVA, etc.)
  • Systems Analysis
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Less Expensive Technical Course

BCA is a comparatively less expensive technical course. It is also considered a pocket-friendly version of the B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) course. The average annual fee for BCA courses varies from Rs 45,000 to Rs 55,000, which is much lower than his B.Tech courses.

  • Practical-based and creates a Networking Opportunity.

This course provides great networking opportunities. Even while completing your degree, you can participate in internship programs. An internship from a reputable organisation will ensure learning from existing industry experts. Furthermore, starting your career as an intern helps you strengthen your network within the Industry, giving you a competitive edge.

  • Foundation for Higher studies

It provides a solid foundation for your higher studies. Besides, the BCA course will equip you with sufficient knowledge and skills. And help you understand the curriculum of higher degree programs such as MBA and MCA.

  • In-Demand in both public and private sectors

BCA graduates are in demand in both the private and public sectors. Both commercial and governmental organisations value the expertise of BCA graduates. And one with valuable experience is a charm, as every organisation needs a good IT professional. The one that performs computer-based operations and functions within their organisations.

Here are some other avenues that a BCA degree opens for you. Once you have the BCA degree, you can go in the following way.

  1. Prepare for CAT for MBA in IT Management.
  2. Get Your MCA degree to complete your master’s degree.
  3. Get your Networking Diploma and prepare for your CCNP or CCNA certification. 
  4. Prepare for a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or Redhat certification. So one can work as a system administrator, desktop technician, or helpdesk assistant.

How to Start Preparing for BCA Entrance?

  1. Begin by compiling a list of BCA entrance exams and the colleges that accept those exams. 
  2. Verify the eligibility requirements for each college, as they may differ. 
  3. Then, familiarise yourself with the application and admission procedures. 
  4. Additionally, take note of any application or admission fees.
  5. Furthermore, investigate the procedures for enrolling in distance learning programs, such as those offered by IGNOU.



Pursuing a BCA degree after the 12th is a great option for students who want to make a career in computer applications. But before you get admission make a list of preferred colleges and universities. You can choose colleges powered by Sunstone to get benefits like 100% placement assistance with 50+ guaranteed interviews.