Do You Know How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Through Directory Submissions?


Most of the companies these days have their websites, but they cannot promote your business until and unless there is enough traffic on your website. On the web, there are millions of websites of different companies. How one will know that your website too exists there?

Unless people know about the existence of your business nobody will ever know that your business even exists however excellent your product or service may be. You may only be limited to few customers who may personally know your business.

One way of promoting your business can be with the business listing your companies name in any online business directory. Most of the prospects usually try to search for any business by doing a Google search and if your business has been registered in these directories then it will have a chance to appear in the search results.

Whether online business directories still effective?

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Yes, directory submissions have got enough importance in today’s market scenario. However, you need to fulfill one condition and that is you must put all your details about your business smartly and also enlist in the certain reputed web directory.

Today, web directories are as good as Yellow pages of yesteryears. In the digital world, these web directories can help with the searches when any internet user will ever try to search any business. With age and time lot many new things have evolved that are exploited by marketers.

Today’s search engines are very highly sophisticated and also at the same time internet users have also become even more sophisticated. Therefore, unless you have enlisted your website to any well-known and also related web directory according to your business category, your business will not be visible in search results.

If you have not appropriately listed your business then chances are even worse, as your SEO may be negatively affected because of your poor backlinks.

If you submit your websites to any low-quality directories then it will also generate very low-quality links. Google usually does not like that and even may penalize your website. This is one reason why many people often feel less confident to register them in a certain business directory. However, they work very well when you register in well-known directories.

Not only that will offer your business free business advertising but also enhances search engine results page ranking.

Few do’s and don’ts

While submitting your business in any business directory, you must follow a few dos and don’ts. 

  • Do submit your website and content in reputed and relevant online directories.
  • Do submit your website and any other content under appropriate categories/sub-categories.
  • Do make sure that details like URL, website/article title, description, etc. are correct.
  • Don’t spam a directory.
  • Don’t submit in those online directories that may ask for any links from your website.
  • Don’t submit in those online directories that ask you to use their banners.

Along with listing your business details in various reputed online business directories, you may also write articles and blogs to promote your business on BusyFox pages.